The price of eye glasses?

  spuds 17:42 18 Jul 2014

Just a point of interest to what other forum members might think?.

I have never really had a problem with vision, until a few years ago, when I began to find reading ever decreasing smaller words was becoming a concern. Had an eye test and it was considered that I needed some prescription varifocal's for general use and another pair of safety glasses for reading and work use.I couldn't really get on with either prescribed glasses and resorted to the cheap reading glasses obtained from most anywhere, which to me was and still is a success.

Perhaps like most people, I keep getting an whole variety of junk mail about eye tests and special offers from a number of high street named outlets, and now realising eye sight checks needed making, possibly more to age and general wear and tear. I duly made an appointment with one of the said well known company's.

So back to the original question on price. Having had an eye test this week, it was recommended (but not seriously essential just yet) that I have a set of prescription glasses. Yet looking at the advertising junk of special discounts, low prices, two for one etc etc. I could not match what was being offered in price, and especially with all the 'added extras' that had not been previously mentioned aloud. The final outcome is that the one pair of glasses I eventually chose cost nearly £180.00 and that is with a 25% discount for being over 60.

Where did the single vision glasses for £25.00 or the two for £69.00 offers go to?.

What's your views on this subject?.

  sunnystaines 18:04 18 Jul 2014

been there too its all a big con these offers only seem to apply to designer lable overpriced frames.

better sorting a discount in person with your regular optician.

  AroundAgain 18:18 18 Jul 2014

Whenever I've been to the opticians for sight check and needed new prescription glasses (varifocal) I've asked comparison price if I was to have my current specs used for the new prescription. Each time, it has been negligible cost savings.

It seems it's really the cost of the prescription lenses rather than the frames. However, many places do offer frames at much reduced costs, or two frames for one.

I have to admit I haven't actually taken my prescription to another opticians to check and compare prices. I'd be interested to read what other forum members have to say on the matter too.


  rdave13 18:35 18 Jul 2014

Bought myself four pairs of specs from the co-op years ago. Took a newspaper then tried the magnifying specs on, checked which type was good for me, and that was that. Still have three left and they still work for me perfectly. I suppose they're only good if both eyes deteriorate evenly. Cost me £32 for the lot.

  Aitchbee 18:37 18 Jul 2014

Only today, just paid £15 for a new frame [ to replace the one I accidently trod on 2 days ago ] and have been told by the same local friendly optician that I will need to pay £12.50 for a single lens (distance) [to replace the one that I also trod on yesterday ... the lens had somehow escaped from the frame and landed near the spot where I had trod on the first spectacles] - so I shouldn't really complain too much.

I should've remarked [at the time] when handing in the broken frame that I would like to have the two detached legs returned to me 'cos although the plastic had sheared off, the holding screws and legs were still in tact and would be a welcome addition to my 'broken-spectacles-collection' which I keep in a large coffee-jar. The nice receptionist said she would 'do her best' to find out if the 'workshop' still had 'em.

BTW - I had my 'peepers' tested 'bout 3 months ago and thankfully no change in prescription required as well as an 'All Clear' with the health of 'em.

  BT 07:58 19 Jul 2014

Got my last specs from Tescos Opticians, mainly because of the fact that I need to travel right into Norwich to go to most of the Opticians, and the local Tesco Superstore had just opened an Opticians dept. Only just down the road with plenty of free parking. As I have Diabetes I have regular eye tests as well as attending the Eye Clinic every six months. I can't fault the service. Excellent eye test, 2 pairs of Varifocals for the price of one, one with Transitions (at extra cost) in Tescos own 'Designer' frames.

  BT 08:17 19 Jul 2014

There are lots of Online Spectacle suppliers who will make up your specs from your recent prescription for very reasonable prices. Some only do single vision lenses but there are now a few who are able to do Varifocals.

  chub_tor 10:07 19 Jul 2014

I am extremely short sighted (around -8.5) and have worn specs since I was about 8 years old. Being short sighted means that I cannot buy off the shelf as those are typically +1 to +3.5. so I am forced to go to an optician. My prescription rules out a whole range of options, for example large frames are out as are normal plastic lenses because the edges of the lenses become 6 mm thick or more. This forces me to buy small frames and either glass (heavy) or Thin & Light High Index plastic lenses (expensive). Luckily I travel to the USA several times a year so when a change of lens or frame is needed I take my free prescription with me and visit one of the many heavily discounted opticians. Even with my special requirements I can usually get 2 pairs of glasses (either reading and long distance or one plain and one tinted) for the same price in dollars as pound sterling over here. And I get them the same day.

  BillSers 11:27 19 Jul 2014

I'm old enough to remember the cartels that operated before the industry was opened up to more commercial competition and national health glasses were the norm.

I get varifocals which usually sets me back about £240 with the 'extras' like anti-scratch, etc. They make their money on extending the vision range of varifocals to three stages. I have to get the most expensive otherwise my vision is fuzzing round the edges.

I have used online cheaper firms but the quality of lenses isn't as good.

  spuds 11:48 19 Jul 2014

Some of the examples given, would possibly suggest yet once again the public are being taken advantage of, especially how some of these better known outlets are springing up in competitions with each other, all over the place.

Like BillSers, the glasses I eventually chose (with added extras?) should have been about £240.00, and when I asked about the discounts being offered in advertising literature, a over 65 years of age 25% discount was given, bringing the cost down to about £180.00. Had I not asked, I would not have got the discount being offered, which makes me suspect that commission on the sales was involved for the staff?.

Strangely I bought a pair of reading glasses from Aldi the other day. Great solid and well engineered frames, great reading vision lenses (dioptre +1,50)with CE symbol, Directive 93/42/EEC conforming to EN 14139:2910. Made in China for Aldi all for the pricely sum of £0.99p reduced from £1.99p.

Surely that as to be something very wrong here, but what?.

  spuds 13:41 24 Aug 2014


Thought that those interested, might like an update.

Varifocals arrived, and had to be sent back, because the special 'clear vision' process on the lenses had not been done. When the glasses were returned to the opticians, there was an evident fault, because everything was out of focus. Different optician conducted further tests to see if the original had been prescribed correctly.

Glasses sent back a second time 'for slight alterations' and apparently new lenses were made. To cut a boring story short, had three more "you will get use to them " tests, and after demonstrating that the cheap 'off the shelf' reading glasses were far better. The optician eventually agreed and provided a full refund on money paid upfront.

So after that experience, its back to the Aldi 99p or other cheap reading glasses that I use with success.

One thing that did prove to be worthwhile with having the eye test (last one was at least 6 plus years ago or more, while on a shopping visit to Asda, who have an opticians set-up in store), was both opticians find that I had a "1 out of 10' rating that a cataract (nothing to worry about) was forming in one eye, which I already knew I had 'floaters' in that particular eye. One thing was slightly strange, the two opticians using "the most advanced state of the art equipment", could not see the 'floaters', yet I can, and so does the local eye hospital.

All well that ends well, especially the refund, which was given without a quibble or heated argument. But it did make me think, what profit was lost on that deal, and whether that company will find its profits failing due to that failed sale?.

Now waiting for that companies 'customer experience and satisfaction feedback form', which I was told I should receive shortly, and would I complete it on receipt, in the interest of customer satisfaction.

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