is this price expensive for a new staircase

  mrwoowoo 17:36 10 Oct 2008

Having some work done, and the staircase needs replacing and the old one taken out, been told it will be quite alot more than £800 which includes the stairs which i know cost about £139 plus vat to buy as we know where he is buying them from. it is just a basic straight staircase with 13 steps. the chippy is getting back to us with a total soon, but i think it seems rather expensive
has anyone had this done to give me a rough idea price wise

  Quickbeam 17:39 10 Oct 2008

I'd sooner pay £800 than try doing that myself... it's a very messy job and skilled labour isn't cheap.

  Woolwell 17:42 10 Oct 2008

I would get more than one quote for such a job and from people who come with personal recommendations. I would not necessarily accept the lowest but the one that is going to do the most competent job with good materials for the best price.

  mrwoowoo 17:46 10 Oct 2008

i am waiting for another chippy to phone me as he is out working at the moment, he has been recommended by a friend.

  Pineman100 18:54 11 Oct 2008

It all depends on what the quote includes.

* How complex is it to take out the old staircase?

* Will the chippy be disposing of the old one?

* Will he be transporting the new one to site?

* How much making good will be needed after the installation of the new one?

* Will he be painting the new one?

*Will he also be installing spindles, handrail, etc?

And so on....

  rdave13 19:01 11 Oct 2008

Sounds a fair price, so long as it's a price and not a quote.

  tillybaby 19:08 11 Oct 2008

A few years ago now I had an old staircase removed and must admit it wasn't cheap although there were modifications to the new one to take into consideration too. The fitting of it was extremely complicated, much more work involved than what you would think to look at one.

  mrwoowoo 20:21 11 Oct 2008

had a second carpenter round today and he will ring me with a price over the weekend, this carpenter has been recommended by a friend.

  rdave13 21:06 11 Oct 2008

I always use builders that I know or are recommended by friends. Some have been more expensive than others but the recommended ones turn up trumps. As they know that 'word of mouth' is important and also you are friends with their previous coustomers goes along way.
Replacing a staircase is fairly straight foreward nowadays as the newel posts aren't morticed and tennoned now as they used to be. Same goes for the rails which are usually screwed to the posts and a wooden dowel cap covers the screws.
Nonetheless there's quite a bit of work involved to 'finish off', especially the plastering side of it.

  jack 12:44 12 Oct 2008

Buying the main component is only the minor part.
The extra materials to finish the job.
Cost of disposal - its 'trade waste ' so it has a cost [You could take a drive round lasbys and back allys afterward to see if you can spot your old staircase.
Add to that the 'operating' cost of a self emplayed craftsman.
Vehicle to run and mobile phone/back office[the missus?]
Sundry supplies that he may use but not individually purchased for the job, including disposable tools[Saws these days - no one has them sharpened anymore]
and Pay- most people expect to earn £100 per day

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