The price of a day's culture?

  The Mountaineer 10:11 12 Feb 2010

Yesterday Mrs Mountaineer and myself decided to have a little cultural diversion and to visit London taking in Westminster Abbey and The British Museum for the Staffordshire Hoard and Sutton Hoo Treasures.
Not counting the cost of the fuel driving to/from London it cost us £58 for car parking in Richmond, day ticket on the underground, Abbey, non-British lunch, Museum.
In my opinion a bargain, but I know that lots of British Cultural stuff is free and some isn't. Can you guess which was the most expensive and what are other's ideas of a good value culture day out?

  Input Overload 10:15 12 Feb 2010

You could visit Hull for the day.

  bremner 10:18 12 Feb 2010

Westminster Abbey

  donki 10:32 12 Feb 2010

My other half and I were over just before Christmas and done the sights over a weekend. We found the underground excellent, if not a little daunting at first, great value for money. We done almost everything but found Westminster Abbey and the Tower a little exspensive, but still worth seeing. The range of museums in London is amazing and we throughly enjoyed the weekend, apart from my first visit to White Hart Lane being a defeat at the hands of the mighty Wolves. :(

  sunnystaines 10:43 12 Feb 2010

Westminster Abbey, you had to pay to visit a church what happened to the donation box?

  The Mountaineer 11:03 12 Feb 2010

My sentiments exactly, £24 concession rate for two of us and there were still donation boxes on every corner!

  canarieslover 13:34 12 Feb 2010

I reckon the £58 parking charge at Richmond would have numbed my brain and made any subsequent cultural delicacies go completely unnoticed. I've got a week's parking at Gatwick for that amount!!!

  Clapton is God 13:49 12 Feb 2010

Read The Mountaineer's post again.

£58 covered the whole day, excluding fuel, not just the car park

  jellyhead 13:51 12 Feb 2010

If you going into London for a visit try here for some discounts click here

  bremner 14:06 12 Feb 2010

You are probably correct however I find it wrong. The upkeep of such a national monument should be the responsibility of government.

Free entry to such "National" churches seems to be the norm in many comparable major cities; Paris, New York, Washington DC, Tokyo

  The Mountaineer 14:09 12 Feb 2010

Probably my innapropriate placement of commas led to your confusion.
Fourm member, the merchants in the temple argument vs costs a lot to maintain is one I often think about, especially where these "temples" house national treasures. One example is Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral which maybe should be in the British Museum for the whole world to see for free instead of the usual fee.
In my wife's country (Nepal) it is a constant source of amusement to her that I have to pay as a tourist to enter even a Buddhist temple complex which we visit daily, whereas for her it's free!

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