kiddgame2000 23:42 28 Jun 2006

Has anyone played the demo for the soon to be released First Person Shooter PREY.

If not then i would highly recommend it. I just downloaded it and it has pulled a Far Cry, it has completely redefined the genre.

Very very impressed.

  Totally-braindead 21:16 29 Jun 2006

Away downloading it now and we'll see if I agree with you.

  brundle 22:52 29 Jun 2006

Impressed too, my GF5700 only rendered things at the lowest settings, but gameplay was interesting and different, especially the gravity/view aspect change aspects. Must get myself a 6600GT sometime.

  kiddgame2000 23:24 29 Jun 2006

I have a 6600gt and i turned the resolution to 1280x1024 and set the settings to maximum (not advanced settings) and it played like a dream, no lag whatsoever.

I dont want to spoil the demo for you all i will say is rotating room.


Its a must in my opinion.

  wolfie3000 23:52 29 Jun 2006

I havent had time what with the filming and such but iv had a quick look on gamespot and it looks amazing maybe in a few days i will download it.

Heres where to get the demo.

click here

I would reccomend a download manager for this one.

  Totally-braindead 19:35 30 Jun 2006

Well I've completed it now. It was very good I must admit but its not in the same league as Far Cry was when it came out. I think after seeing the demo I would buy it and that for me is high praise.

  citadel 20:12 30 Jun 2006

It scored 86 in pc zone review.

  wolfie3000 22:43 30 Jun 2006

Just read a review of the game they say its a must for Halo fans,
But a clan member said he didnt like it at all not least because there are no good bullet hoses in the game (I trust his judgement on this)

  gudgulf 23:44 01 Jul 2006

Is that based on the demo????

You only get a few of the weapons in the demo..there may well be a good "bullet hose" in the full game.

As for me it's a definite buy.....the disorientating wall walking and spirit mode puzzle solving make it more than a bit different from the rest of the DOOM3 engined games and fps games I've played.

  wolfie3000 00:19 02 Jul 2006

Will be downloading and playing it tomorrow,

  kiddgame2000 08:50 03 Jul 2006

Im not saying it as good as far cry just that it has given the FPS genre a whole new twist, just like far cry did.

Far cry is second in my own personal best ever game chart.

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