Preventing The Ad Video From Running

  Crosstrainer2 09:00 16 Oct 2011

I notice today, that a video file auto plays when I'm on the site. Is there a way to prevent this from occurring? I've just been using the pause button, which stops it temporarily, but it resumes play when I return to the page.

  Brumas 09:16 16 Oct 2011

I agree, it is so annoying, I followed the link for the 'Edyta Gorniak singer' and, whilst listening had to contend with the prattling on of the young girl spouting on about her smartphone.

I agree that we must have adverts but surely we can also have a mute button??

  Crosstrainer2 09:19 16 Oct 2011


It's driving me nuts! We need an Off button!

  zzzz999 09:24 16 Oct 2011

ha ha, sorry I have posted similar.

  Crosstrainer2 09:28 16 Oct 2011

Nothing likely to happen over the weekend, but I must say the site seems to running well.....Sunday is often a nightmare, with login failures and the like.

It works, but have to keep hitting the pause button on that video. Out of interest, has anyone allowed the thing to run right through? I'm wondering if that would prevent it from running again?

  DM. 09:33 16 Oct 2011

What video? What site?

No adds or pop up's here!

  onthelimit1 09:57 16 Oct 2011

no advert here.

  simonjary 10:04 16 Oct 2011

We'll look at limiting the auto play tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Regarding PCA impartiality, Matt's video review was written before any sponsorship for the campaign. And it's not completely positive, which it would be if we'd been paid for it.

I can assure you that we never allow advertising to affect our impartiality. But we'll take your comments onboard.

Thanks, Simon

  Crosstrainer2 10:11 16 Oct 2011


I have no complaints about the content....Just the fact that it runs all the time. I've read the article anyway :))

  robgf 10:34 16 Oct 2011

I always use a proxy filter called Proximitron, it blocks most of the adverts and rubbish you get on some web sites.

Originally I used it because I was on dial up, so loading big adverts and Flash slowed surfing to a crawl. But when I swapped to BB and turned the Proximitron off, I realised just how much rubbish it had been protecting me from. So I turned it back on.

It works using filters, rather than a black list of advert sites (which change constantly) and can be bypassed if you want to view the complete web page. It works with any browser, but I use XP, so I have no idea if it works with newer Windows versions.

Proximitron web site

  Forum Editor 10:47 16 Oct 2011

"Does PCA really want me to be suspicious of every review on the site because I can't be sure advertisers' interests haven't had an impact on editorial?"

I've lost count of the number of times I've responded to inferences that we give products good reviews if the manufacturer pays us for advertising. If I thought for one moment that it happened I would have been long gone, years ago.

You really only have to think about it for a few moments to realise that favourably reviewing products in return for advertising revenue is a recipe for ultimate failure for a magazine. Consumers aren't stupid. I know the people who run this magazine pretty well, and I know that none of them would dream of suggesting such a course of action.

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