Pretending to be Barclays

  Tonsie 12:03 25 Jun 2010

Last week I received a phone call,a scots male said "Barclays, a security check first your date
of birth is day-month, what year?"I refused to answer,he said "Ok" then hung up.On checking 1471
I made a note of the number,and informed Barclays.
They made their own checks,and said "the call was
from a firm called Sun4U"So be vigilant friends.
Regards Tonsie.

  QuizMan 12:38 25 Jun 2010

According to Google, Sun4U is a travel firm.

  Uboat 12:53 25 Jun 2010

Tonsie can u tell me there number pls.?

  Seth Haniel 13:05 25 Jun 2010

click here=

canyoutrustthem .com

  Tonsie 13:06 25 Jun 2010

I hope I am not breaching any rules 08000445261.
Yes Quizman your correct,Barclays confirmed this.
Regards Tonsie.

  Tonsie 13:24 25 Jun 2010

Seth Haniel
Thank you for the link,that will come in handy.
Why should this firm say they are Barclays,when a
check could be made on 1471?
Regards Tonsie.

  interzone55 13:58 25 Jun 2010

In cases like this the website Who calls me always comes in handy...

click here

  Tonsie 14:19 25 Jun 2010

I see from link many others received a call
claiming to be Barclays.Do you think they maybe
offering free holidays for the over 60s?But I doubt it.
Regards Tonsie.

  ronalddonald 16:23 25 Jun 2010

Sounds like they are trying to commit some kind of fraud

  interzone55 16:29 25 Jun 2010

Ya think!!!!

Of course they are, what other reason would somebody cold call you and ask for your bank details.

Simple rule, if someone calls claiming to be from your bank, put the phone down and telephone your bank to check.

If you get an email claiming to be from your bank do not under any circumstances click on any link in the email, instead visit the website by typing in the address or using a store shortcut you know to be genuine.

If someone in the street offers you chocolate and wants to show you some puppies do not follow him into a dark alley...

  Tonsie 17:28 25 Jun 2010

Many thanks to all,the alan14 link is worth a long long read.
Regards Tonsie.

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