Pretending to be Barclays 2

  Tonsie 14:43 10 Jan 2011

Today got a phone call claiming to be Barclays,they wanted security info( DOB andPostcode).I refused and hung up,the caller was a Scot male.The same happened last year,and the same caller.His phone number is 08000445261,also same number.
Regards Tonsie

  lotvic 15:14 10 Jan 2011

Apparently they are a marketing firm on behalf of Barclaycard click here
I think you have to contact Barclaycard to opt out.

  KremmenUK 15:22 10 Jan 2011

Anyone who 'calls me' and wants security info can take a running jump :-)

  proudfoot 15:29 10 Jan 2011

I never give any information to a phone call I have not made personally.
Also I keep getting emails occasionally from Financial Institutions some I have never heard of asking for similar information.
Some have such glaring errors in spelling and layout I find it staggering how any sensible person would not "Smell a Rat".

  Tonsie 15:41 10 Jan 2011

Last year Lotvic they were Sun4u,an holiday Co and you know what happened to them,they went bust.
Regards Tonsie.

  peter99co 17:35 10 Jan 2011

They ask for DOB and Post code to confirm it is you they are speaking to.

If you won't tell them they can't continue.

If they ring your number and don't check they would be imparting personal information to however picked up the phone.

I refuse as well but told HSBC who do the same thing not to contact me by phone only by post.

  Tonsie 10:36 12 Jan 2011

Yes Peter I se your point,but the same person and the same number phoned me last year.I informed Barclays and they check it out,and said it was Sun4u,and had nothing to do with Barclays.They also said any contact to customers is by post only.
Regards Tonsie.

  lotvic 13:15 12 Jan 2011

It's they are an out-sourced tele-marketing company and are world wide. Have a look at their website.
It's not just Barclaycard that they work for they have hundreds of companies on their books.
They call on behalf of other companies.

If you don't want to be contacted you have to opt out of marketing when you apply or show interest in stuff, like a Barclaycard or book a holiday or take out insurance or even just enquire about *** etc etc.
If you haven't ticked/unticked the little box to opt out then you have given permission for your info to be passed on to the tele-marketing companies like stellarbpo.

If they call you then ask/tell them to take you off their database.

  Bingalau 13:33 12 Jan 2011

Having been called/phoned a few times recently by an international person wanting to tell me I had won a gynormous amount of money.... I just hit the hash key a few times quickly, which I have been told throws your number off their system. It seems to have worked in my case too.

Not quite what this thread is about, but handy to know and maybe try?

  lotvic 13:45 12 Jan 2011

That's a different type of phone call you had. Comes under the scam heading as usually wants you to phone them back on a 09 number at exorbitant price per min.

  Tonsie 14:16 12 Jan 2011

Thanks for your input lotvic,but I still will not discuss personal matters to someone I dont know over the phone.
Regards Tonsie

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