Pressure on landfill to be eased

  peter99co 20:51 03 Feb 2011

by latest innovation. A new milk bottle.

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Only 7 years of landfill capacity left?

The guy who invented the milk carton became a multi millionaire I think.

  ella33 20:57 03 Feb 2011

I am sure we are using more milk. A few years ago it was a couple of pints a week and now more foods are ready "milked" like custard and hot chocolate, we seem to get through more milk as well!

As far as less landfill goes, the supermarkets were selling plastic bags of milk, not long ago and a jug that would last forever, to pour it in. But they seem to be no more? Already?

  peter99co 21:03 03 Feb 2011

We still have our Tupperware Jug (do not use it these days though)

I think it went on to keep Orange Juice in for while.

  peter99co 21:22 03 Feb 2011

But would you put money on it? ;0)

  ella33 21:35 03 Feb 2011

It wasn't as long ago as tupperware (which is probably still around but I don't bother with those parties now) The plastic bags of milk and jugs were in sainsbury's a few months ago. but I haven't seen them for a few weeks. Or tried them yet!

  Forum Editor 23:57 03 Feb 2011

is that nobody has come up with a compact, efficient machine that could make milk for us all in our homes.

Surely it should be possible in the 21st century for cows to be superseded by technology? I want something that takes grass concentrate and water, plus a few secret ingredients, and turns them into fresh milk every morning.

  morddwyd 07:32 04 Feb 2011

Not yet another kitchen machine, to stand alongside the one that turns plankton into fish fingers, and corn into chicken nuggets!

  Quickbeam 09:46 04 Feb 2011

I think maybe the FE is trying to steal my silly point position on the forum...

Did anyone notice that on the video he mentioned the 'traditional' milk package and picked up a moulded plastic bottle? To me the traditional milk container is glass and with a wide opening.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:01 04 Feb 2011

that vends money magically out of thin air.

It's called Dad.


  robgf 11:01 04 Feb 2011

This always amuses me. Just dig some more holes lads...........

The new milk bottle is a complicated design. I have seen the same principle, use a bio bag in a carton, no faffing around splitting the waste.
You could also use a starch based bottle, if they are stable with milk.

  peter99co 11:12 04 Feb 2011

He may have just copied the Wine Box. Same idea different drink.

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