The Press world has finally lost the plot ...

  Clapton is God 10:34 19 Dec 2018

... virtually every newspaper this morning as well as the BBC website has a headline about some football manager or other being sacked from his job.

Who cares?

A lot of people need to get a life.

  Forum Editor 13:27 19 Dec 2018

Newspapers reflect the society in which they function. There are huge numbers of people who like reading about stuff that other people see as mindless trivia, and there will always be newspapers which cater to that readership.

The fact is, sport and what goes on in the sporting world is of huge interest to millions, so newspapers will cover sports stories.

The Financial Times sells just under 200,000 copies a day. The Sun sells 1.5 million and The Daily Mail sells 1.3 million.

All newspapers are declining in popularity as online news sites increase their audiences. Eight years ago, the FT's circulation was double what it is now, as were those of the Daily Mail and The Sun.

  dagbladet 14:06 19 Dec 2018

Coincidentally I've been following the goings on at Old Trafford this morning while at the same time learning the chords to 'wonderful tonight' so am perhaps doubly in need of a life. Can anybody clarify where exactly I'm going wrong and what I need to do to attain this 'life' that I'm clearly lacking?

  roger.roger 15:57 19 Dec 2018

Who cares?

I do. As a non united fan I found the reporting, factual, informative and hilarious.

  Quickbeam 18:49 19 Dec 2018

My station of choice 5Live spent all of yesterday and a lot of today going over it.

Yes it's a sport/news station, but it was totally OTT for me.

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