The Press LibDem/Con Conference

  Quickbeam 14:49 12 May 2010

They seem to be an OK opening partnership in the No 10 rose garden. A bit like two boys finding they will be sharing the same dorm, playing in the same cricket team and rugby team and any other team... can there really be such a perfect bed of roses?

  nangadef 15:05 12 May 2010

I've always had a problem with which party to vote for because no one party promised all that I wanted.

Now, however, I seem to be lucky with the outcome because the now agreed joint policy favours my aspirations.

I hope the coalition works.

  spuds 16:32 12 May 2010

"can there really be such a perfect bed of roses?".

Yes until the thorns draw the first blood.Give it a week or two ;o)

  Paddylad 22:58 12 May 2010

"give it a week or two"
indeed. My take is a timorous settling in period of several months, and if the junior party do not toe the agreed line then we will have a blood spilling General Election.
It all depends on Clegg's authority over the LibDem MPs.

  Forum Editor 23:36 12 May 2010

there's nothing like a bit of optimism.

Why not give this a fighting chance, instead of all this negativity? The people involved will probably do the best they can to make it work, and for our part the least we can do is encourage the process - it's in all our interests, after all.

  Quickbeam 00:53 13 May 2010

I didn't mean it to read negative, that's just how I observed it.

I honestly believe after reading of the coalition details that we have unexpectedly gotten out of the 'it's our turn now' this is what we're going to give you... whether you want it or not', pattern of government.

Nobody could ever have thought this would happen, and so quickly.

I'll even vote again now in 5 years, apathy begone...

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