Press double standards

  Main Access 23:19 24 Feb 2007

Aint it funney how the press makes it own rukes up!

BBC click here (can't name him), but the Sun
click here (so thats what hes called)

  Kate B 23:31 24 Feb 2007

You're not supposed to name alleged young offenders under 18. I'm not sure if it's actually the law or not (I'm rusty on reporting restrictions) but the Sun is way out of order. However, it's probably taken a view that any repercussions will be small. The BBC is right not to name the alleged offender and, knowing the BBC, will continue not to name him.

  Forum Editor 23:43 24 Feb 2007

the day after the incident and some time before he was charged with the offence.

  Stuartli 23:52 24 Feb 2007

The Daily Mail also named him:

click here

along with the Telegraph:

click here

You seem to have forgotten that he was named because of his gun gesture towards David Cameron BEFORE his arrest for possession of cannabis.

  Kate B 23:54 24 Feb 2007

Ah - I haven't paid particularly close attention to the story. Technically wrong to name him once he'd been charged, I suspect, but in practice I can't see any lawyer or the PCC getting too upset.

Anyway, it's not "press double standards" if one media outlet names someone and another doesn't. It's two different outlets taking different decisions. The BBC is very cautious about that kind of thing.

  Monoux 09:28 25 Feb 2007

Perhaps Cameron should have hugged him !

  Stuartli 09:40 25 Feb 2007

Said youth is not being named in today's papers as a result of the arrest, along with another 18-year-old youth.

Agree with Kate B that it's not Press double standards, more a case of seeking to jump in and level blame for something that doesn't exist in this particular instance.

  egapup 10:22 25 Feb 2007

Cant be named but it's ok to splash his face on our tv screens and all over the papers, world's getting wackier and wackier.

  Bingalau 10:33 25 Feb 2007

Yes, he's now showing all his mates how big a "Star" he is. ..Bingalau..

  Kate B 10:59 25 Feb 2007

As has been pointed out, he hadn't been arrested for any alleged offence at the time of the incident with Cameron, so he was bound to get his face all over the media.

  spuds 12:45 25 Feb 2007

The point that should be made, is not whether to name someone under the age of 18 years, but to bring society back to an understanding of law and order. Every inner estate,town and village as these 'show no respect, stuff everyone' type of person, and its about time a zero tolerance and 'an Englishman's home is his castle' was considered more by our politicians.

I live not far from a young offenders institution, and it makes me totally sick to hear, see and read about the privileges the offenders receive and expect. Yet a few yards from this establishment, live senior citizens who are fearful about turning up the heating on a cold day, because of not being able to meet their bill commitments.

Only the other day, I was stopped and asked for directions to the YOI. The vehicle was brand new and contained five 'youths' averaging ages of 16/19. The car absolutely wreaked of cannabis, to the point, had I stopped there any longer I may have got very high myself just by smelling the fumes coming from the open windows. These people were visiting their friend or friends (if the sniffer dog was not on duty).

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