President Obama has announced....

  Forum Editor 10:05 30 May 2009

that from now on America's digital infrastructure would be treated as a strategic national asset, saying that acts of terror can come "not only from a few extremists in suicide vests, but from a few key strokes of a computer - a weapon of mass disruption." He went on to say "In short, America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cyber-security" and he's appointing a new cyber security overlord in the White House.

Now there's a sensible man talking about how to combat computer terrorism - walk softly, and carry a big stick.

  spikeychris 12:10 30 May 2009

Just as long as the big stick isn't left in a taxi cab without encryption and carrying launch codes..

  crosstrainer 12:37 30 May 2009

Although I take his point, I'm afraid that the "PC" brigade will scream about infringement of human rights, freedom etc.

GWB certainly left him a mess...North Korea notwithstanding.

  Forum Editor 14:06 30 May 2009

about infringement of human rights, freedom etc."

You can't scream about something if you don't know about it.

  crosstrainer 15:11 30 May 2009

Forgive me Peter....But of course you can.

That is exactly why factions exist.

Trying to provoke?


  Grey Goo 15:56 30 May 2009

Well if one Brit can potentially take down all the defence computers from his bedroom on a cheap laptop, the man in charge will need to do some serious upgrading.

  crosstrainer 16:31 30 May 2009

For every I. corps. Lock, there is a key. For every brainwashed 9 year old child, there are 1000 more.

In short, this is not a War, and can not be won as such.

  jack 16:50 30 May 2009

A secret once more than one person knows about it.
It is happening all the time- Banks/Government[at all levels] commercial firm strive to make their date safe from predators.
And the Predators are one pace behind them.
Chip and Pin -that'll fix em - Oh no it did not
I/D cards and electronic passports- they are easy.
The only secure way it seems to me to totally protect sensitive data of all sorts- is keep it out of a computer.
Or at the very least a computer that is connected to the Internet.
Make human interface between the data and the transmission system.
Governments and Financial institutions could for example have secure dedicated links that do not go through the public net.

After all this Internet lark is all very new still.
We lived before it and we can live without it.

  Forum Editor 18:10 30 May 2009

"Trying to provoke?


Well spotted. An editor might occasionally write something deliberately contentious in order to provoke a lively discussion.

  silverous 18:19 30 May 2009

I can't recall any computer terrorism. I can't remember the last time I was terrorised via a computer. I'd be much more worried about what is happening in the real world.

  Forum Editor 18:20 30 May 2009

Whilst I don't for a moment doubt the veracity of your statement that we can live without the internet, the truth is that we would now find it very difficult.

The internet has woven itself into the fabric of our lives in so many ways, and so many people now depend on it for their living. World economies would suffer even further if the internet suddenly ceased to exist. The fact that the American President attaches so much importance to it, and other computer networks in terms of the security of the nation is an indication of its crucial role in the life of a modern developed society.

Governments and financial institutions already have secure dedicated links that are not connected to the public networks, that has been the case for a long time. I have used such a system in the Far East, when developing intranets for a European bank. Nothing is totally secure, however, even these links have been compromised.

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