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President Cummings stages a coup

  john bunyan 09:45 28 Jun 2020

See Sedwill

It looks likely that Cummings will succeed in removing the head of the Civil Service, Sir Mark Sedwill.

Sedwill is a distinguished career Civil Servant- Cummings an appointed PR man.

  alanrwood 09:50 28 Jun 2020

The link does not work for me. It takes me to a page saying to use Apple News which I don't have and don't really want

This is absolutely disgraceful and shows how weak Boris is that he can't or won't control his underling.

  john bunyan 10:06 28 Jun 2020

Sorry; try this


  Dunk 15:30 28 Jun 2020

The plan has always been to take power to a central 'clique' (ie Cummings and his dummy), they are simply achieving it under the cloak of end of lockdown. Tears before bedtime, I expect!

  Forum Editor 17:47 28 Jun 2020

Mark Sedwill is a diplomat and foreign policy expert first and foremost, and it's kn own that he clashed with the Prime Minister over the COVID-19 policy - he's not really cut out for that kind of thing.

In fairness, I don't think Dominic Cuummings is the prime instigator here.

  morddwyd 17:57 28 Jun 2020

Come on FE.

Boris wouldn't take a decision of this magnitude without Cummihgs' say so.

  bremner 18:22 28 Jun 2020

Sidwell is stepping down from September

  john bunyan 20:30 28 Jun 2020


It seems very clear that “Advisors advise and politicians decide “ and Sedwill has been unfairly blamed for failings by No 10. Cummings has boasted of shaking up the Civil Service as has Gove- it looks like they are getting their way. Read this article - it gives an insight on Cummings power.


  john bunyan 22:07 28 Jun 2020

Another link showing Cummings corrosive briefing against Sedwill


  morddwyd 09:13 29 Jun 2020

With political appointees to the Civil Service we are getting more and more and more like the American model every day.

On balance I think I prefer the fictional Sir Humphrey scenario to the real life Richard Nixon one.

  john bunyan 17:43 29 Jun 2020

*Morddwyd *

Totally agree

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