"President Barack Obama demanded tighter gun laws"

  Quickbeam 07:00 02 Oct 2015

But it's all in vein, these things just happen with tedious regularity in America...

  kad292 09:17 02 Oct 2015

What more is there to be said,the same arguments for or against,the look of shock,anger and disbelief,a storyline that will last a few days and then a short time later repeated elsewhere with greater or lesser casualties.

The gun lobby and their supporters are perfectly willing to accept this as collateral damage putting their rights as the foundation stone of liberty and ,hence,inviolable and attempts by the federal state to control or dilute those rights as inimical and in violation of the constituition.

Paradoxically any attempt to create a system more stringent by assessing gun owners,pysychlogically, before purchase would also be construed as federal state interference so stalemate,status quo continues more tragedies ensue and more words are written.

  john bunyan 11:21 02 Oct 2015

There have been over 140 campus massacres, so one more will not move the NRA from their position of political power. Nothing will change.

  spuds 11:49 02 Oct 2015

Its probably going to seem very harsh in what I say, and no doubt it might raise much alarm.

But this type of media headline is nothing new, and there certainly is no way in stopping such incidents occurring now or in the future, whether by shooting, bombings or some other act.

Life is life, but when its gone, its gone. Sadness might follow for some, while others will just forget. Time is often a great healer.

Here in the UK we have had our killing incidents, inside and outside of school's, and I wonder how many people still dwell on those incidents, that happened so long ago. The UK government responded by supposedly tightening all our gun laws and similar laws as well. But those efforts were merely a quick knee jerk reaction, that this government was doing something, and I suspect Obama is just doing the same - a knee jerk reaction!.

  Dragon_Heart 15:18 02 Oct 2015

It's alleged the UK born gunman asked his victims to state their religion before opening fire.

According to one unconfirmed report the gunman told the Christians he killed that they were about "going to see God in just about one second".

I am afraid, once again, Barack Obama is stuck between the second amendment and a hard place. Personally I believe his emotional plea is genuine but I also believe it will fall on deaf ears.

Incidents of this type, when 4 or more people are killed in similar attacks happen, on average, once a day in the US.

  Aitchbee 21:56 02 Oct 2015

Another frightening statistic I heard on the radio - " ... over 250,000 people in America killed by guns between 2007 - 2013. "

  spuds 23:38 02 Oct 2015

Twenty states in the USA with the highest death rates by shooting click here

  bumpkin 00:25 03 Oct 2015

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

  Quickbeam 06:54 03 Oct 2015

Or as Forest Gump would put it, shit happens...

  BT 08:14 03 Oct 2015

The oft quoted Second Amendment is the problem of course. The pro gun lobby have their own take on its meaning, which originally was NOT meant to enable private citizens to have guns for their own use. The 'Right to Bear Arms' was to enable people to form various types of Militia to protect their community or country. There is a vast amount of argument on the internet with almost every take in its meaning you could possibly imagine.

The comments of the so called Pastor on TV yesterday saying that if the students had had their guns they could have fought back shows the way they think. Can you imagine a full blown gun fight erupting inside a school, can't imagine how many more would have been killed.

Just heard on the BBC news that the gunman had 6 guns with him and they found 7 more at his home.

  Ungus 11:56 03 Oct 2015

Its impossible to completely control firearms, luckily there is not too much of a gun culture across the UK. America has a gun culture and is a violent society these two issues are a bad mix. Many will talk about gun laws but nothing much will change unfortunately such a great nation has a morbid fascinations with guns and will continue to have massacres.

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