present N.I. saga

  sunnystaines 16:11 30 Jan 2010

been reading the articles about the power struggle but failed to grasp the present problem sticking point.

can anyone explain it.

  Jim Thing 17:18 30 Jan 2010

"...can anyone explain it."

No. and I don't suppose anyone in Sinn Fein or the DUP could explain it either, at least not to the satisfaction of anyone who understands the term 'reasonable compromise' — a concept little understood by politicians in this neck of the woods.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:25 30 Jan 2010

This should give you some idea of how difficult Afghanistan and Iraq will be to sort out. Somewhere between 'no hope' and 'Bob Hope'.


  wiz-king 17:30 30 Jan 2010

Noddy is afraid that if Big Ears gets control of Mr Plod then he wont be allowed to march along the high street whenever he goes to toytown on his yearly visit.

  sunnystaines 21:31 30 Jan 2010

wiz king

thanks thats put me in the picture.

  PalaeoBill 21:47 30 Jan 2010

wiz king

Excellent, I love it when someone puts things in terms I can understand. More please. Any chance of explaining the GMC's report on Dr Wakefield?

  MAJ 22:12 30 Jan 2010

There's an election soon. Here in N.I., whoever shouts the loudest and appears to be the most hardlined, gets elected.

  Al94 01:22 31 Jan 2010

Actually Maj, I disagree, this time I think the bulk of the electorate are so pissed off with the lack of progress on negotiations that potentially there will be a huge backlash in the upcoming elections which will be no bad thing.Wiz King, you got it right!

  morddwyd 08:23 31 Jan 2010

I respect your optimism, but I'm afraid I don't share it.

Disagreements between Catholics and Protestants have been going on, to a greater or lesser degree, since the Reformation and I don't seen them ending any time soon.

  Awshum 10:05 31 Jan 2010

This isn't really about religious differences even though it typically is one thing that sets them apart.

It's about Policing and Justice implementation, Republicans want it transferred immediately, the DUP wants it staggered and are placing conditions around it based on parades for example. (See wiz king's comment).

The DUP are in a lose lose situation and Sinn Fein are holding out for all that they want.

DUP's position has been seriously weakened by scandal, they've conceded loads in the past and can't be seen to be soft on these negotiations as the Unionist Electorate are turning away from them.

UUP will return to being the main Unionist Party and with disagreements between Unionists (dividing the Unionist vote at the upcoming election) Sinn Fein will appear to be the party wanting to run Government whilst Unionists squabble between each other.

Personally I don't see any of them as fit for running Policing and Justice.

  Awshum 10:17 31 Jan 2010

Least of all Sinn Fein IRA and the DUP.

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