Preparing for my move ...

  Quickbeam 10:33 21 Nov 2016

As I mentioned previously I am retiring to the Highlands next spring so I'm in the middle of packing up what I want to take, and weeding out the 50+% of what I won't take on the basis of 'have I used or needed it in the last 4/5 years yes/no', if no, it ain't going.

I'm being really ruthless, on this and the local charity shop are doing well out of my useful goods clearout. I had to check who would take what, and they all indicate on their websites what they do or don't take.

But the prize on this information goes to the British Heart Foundation in indicating that they won't take candles without instructions...

The fork handles comedy sketch springs to mind on that one!

  Forum Editor 10:52 21 Nov 2016

I think it's obvious why they don't accept candles without instructions, although I can see the humorous side of it.

These organisations have to be extremely safety-conscious, to protect their customers, and avoid any possibility of litigation.

  Quickbeam 19:55 21 Nov 2016


My family originates from north of the wall, Scotland is no stranger to me.

  Draco761 09:59 22 Nov 2016

I wish you well with your move. I've lived in the North Highlands for most of my life and enjoyed every minute of it. Enjoy your retirement.

  Quickbeam 11:16 22 Nov 2016

My greatest worry at the moment is how I might manage to light my emergency candles purchased in 1974 that came without any end user instructions!

  Quickbeam 11:17 22 Nov 2016


I see thanks, yes I'll find plenty to do. Everything that interests me is on the doorstep.

  bumpkin 13:14 22 Nov 2016

*My greatest worry at the moment is how I might manage to light my emergency candles *

Plug them in and switch them on if that is of any help.

  john bunyan 15:12 22 Nov 2016

I lived for a few days in a snow hole high in the Cairngorms many years ago. A candle made all the difference at night- surprising really. Good luck with move.

  bumpkin 16:30 22 Nov 2016

Don't expect them to last another 40yrs if you are going to set light to the things.

  lotvic 17:51 22 Nov 2016

Without the instructions you won't know which end to set alight.

  bumpkin 18:44 22 Nov 2016

It's the pointed end with the bit of string hanging out obviously.

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