Preparing to change your lifestyle?

  rickf 08:01 09 Jun 2010

Wondering how you are going about changes to your lifestyle in light of the severe cuts coming, tax rises, VAT increases, second home CGT,pension squeeze, working till 70, etc.,
What are you doing about it?
I have found myself being more cautious how I spend my money ie cutting down on "luxuries" except food.It's now down to each and everyone of us to make sacrifices.

  Þ² 08:18 09 Jun 2010

I'm currently paying off debts; will be debt free by November.

No more luxuries or needless upgrades, or purchases that I can only justify by "but I want it".

  rickf 08:22 09 Jun 2010

Same here, staying away from " I want it" especially comp upgrades. My laptop will now stay with me for years to come. My desktop will need some small tweaking. Going all out to pay off debts asap.

  Quickbeam 08:24 09 Jun 2010

I've been cautious for the last two years, since it was obvious that a severe recession was coming. I cleared all credit card balances, I've rarely used them since and paid them off quickly when I've used them for an internet transaction and I haven't taken any loans out. I'll run my car a few more years than I might otherwise run it.

Basically I'm doing what I did before it was common to borrow for everything... I'm saving up for it.

What I find by saving up, is that I sometimes have changed my mind when when I go to the shop with a fistful of cash, I ask myself 'do I really need it, do I really want to part with the cash for it?'. A handful of cash has a way of representing the hours of labour put in that a plastic card doesn't.

Before I'd buy things on a whim and then they were hardly ever used. Now I've gone back to saving up and I'm staying that way.

  michaelw 09:12 09 Jun 2010

I'm going to Kenya soon. You can get 6% interest on your savings there at the moment.

  birdface 09:22 09 Jun 2010

looks like I will have to invest in some thermal underware and maybe an Electric blanket.
Spent most of the Winter with my housecoat on as the central heating was not warm enough.
Could probably do with a new system i suppose.
We had a new back boiler fitted about 5 years ago but we never changed the Radiators.
Now my problem is I cannot stand the cold or the heat.if the suns out I am in.
To cold in the winter,To hot in the summer.
Just having one of my V.M days.

  Armchair 09:26 09 Jun 2010

Keep spending. The more you have in savings, the less 'benefits' you qualify for.

  morddwyd 09:48 09 Jun 2010

Interest rates are low.

Now is the time to borrow, not save.

  bri-an 11:15 09 Jun 2010

... and if we all stop spending, then a double-dip recession is assured!

  Þ² 11:22 09 Jun 2010

I won't be affected, I work a food retailer... everyone needs food!

  Grey Goo 12:01 09 Jun 2010

A lot of people have done just that.I wonder what will happen when interest rates hit 3.5% and they are well overstretched on their mortgage and face the new era of "Prohibition"
Sounds familiar, oh yes, called it Sub Prime the last time.
Now all start singing,"There's a hole in my bucket etc"

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