premium rate dialups

  ginger tom 13:02 13 Aug 2004

just got back from sweden and opened mail from bt .*[email protected]: ,phone bill gone thru the roof .Found out kids had dialers installed on pc for premium rate phone numbers(34 different no's).told by bt to contact companys involved to claim back moneyand complain to ICSTIS.ANY BODY HAD SIMILAR PROBS.

  Nigel-331402 13:43 13 Aug 2004

My parents had a similar thing - they clicked on a link to an IQ test and it download a premium rate dialler and connected to it.

After much arguing with BT they contacted ICSTIS who, after much debate (some of it heated), said that because the cost of the call was under £20 there was nothing they could do.

My parents have now changed their phone supplier and had a bar put on all prepium rate calls. They've also go to Broadband so the problem won't happen again anyway.


  BIG ben strikes 10 13:43 15 Aug 2004

i had this thing thing that reandomly installed on our family computer it was called tibbs 43 and tibbs 44 and so on.and this made a bill of £ dad phoned bt and they said calls have been made to this thing called ESAT.ginger tom - this is happens to alot of people are you on dial usually accurs to people on dial-up.what happens is somebody installs a dialer-update when your online.and basicly hijacks your connection.ask your children if they have been disconnected(if you are on dial-up).if your on BB then it still can occur i suggest you phone bt up and ask for a block on national rates.that way nothing can dial out.well it might attempt.any help?.ben

  Chegs ® 14:12 15 Aug 2004

When I had ISDN,it could use "dual connections" (to speedup d/l of large files)I occasionally found these damn things had installed onto my PC.Its about time that the companies that employ these things were taken in hand and fined(hefty sums)Most folk dont realise anything is amiss until their bill smashes the floorboards dropping thru the letterbox,and often there is no option but to pay(and then see if they can recover the cash afterwards)

  Valvegrid 16:58 15 Aug 2004

You might consider installing this program as well:

click here

  Graham ® 20:14 15 Aug 2004

This is a topic that keeps cropping up, put 'dialer' in search.

ben, dialers don't work on broadband, but could take advantage of a 56k modem still plugged in. The call barring would need to be Premium Rate and International. I think you may have problems if you barred national calls!

  al79 21:53 15 Aug 2004

I have take this very subject up with my MP Rt Hon Fallon and he has taken it up with the Postmaster General who in turn after five weeks has reponded in full which is to long to write here. I have had none of this happen to me as of yet but realizing it to be a major problem have given my very strong views on the subject,and have left BT in no doubt that if it did they would certainly get nothing out of me and the publicity I would make out of it would blow them apart, and it up to everyone to folow this procedure, there will be a government Investigation and in my opinion dispite all the waffal BT should be held responsible.and another racket are the 0870 numbers which every company seems to be getting on the band wagon, buts thats another story.

A.A Davis

  kev.Ifty 22:06 15 Aug 2004

There is no point blaming BT for premium rate call charges.BT collects the money 'on behalf of'the premium rate "number" providers(which is not always BT).This money is then passed on to the "service" providers.

Although BT is making some money from this they dont load the dialers or phone the 0900 numbers.

Dont forget many numbers that appear on phone bills for £1.50 per min are dailed by people entering competitions etc.... only when the bill arrives do they complain to their phone company.

Where the alarm bells should be ringing with BT is the rate at which these so called service providers wish to be paid, some as often as twice a week.

ICSTIS. want all premium rate providers to be licensed, which they used to be before the EU changed the laws.Lets hope they get their wish!!!

Have a read here click here

If you find a premium rate number on your bill you can query it here click here

If you have Kids and dialup then have premium rate numbers blocked by your phone line provider....{But dont forget Big Brother,Richard and Judy and all those other phone numbers, Children in need!etc..that one loves to phone :-) }

I know the joy of paying £24 for two Spiderman wallpapers. Kids yagotaluvum |[email protected]

Cheers Kev

  Forum Editor 07:04 16 Aug 2004

BT should be held responsible"

Why's that then? It's hardly BT's fault if someone downloads a dialer is it? I fail to see how a Telecoms company can be expected to pay up when peoples' surfing activities get them into difficulty.

It seems to me that nowadays there are too many people expecting someone else to foot the bill for their problems. How is BT expected to know when someone didn't dial a premium rate number? Many people dial these numbers and then deny that they've done it when the bill comes in.

  BIG ben strikes 10 12:05 16 Aug 2004

yeah,thats the thing,what can bt do about?.pay for all the bills?.i say people should be taught the hazzards of surfing the net and what could come out of it.mind you on the back of a aol cd,doesn't say that a dialer can self-install on your computer and dial out to premium rates.well easy soloutuion...put a block on premium rates.well its always worked for me and my family.thanks.ben

  bryrach 20:29 16 Aug 2004

Although BT are disowning the dialer problem as a BT issue when I complained recently the parting shot from BT was...."oh and if you had broadband you would solve the problem"... If every person takes that advice they would rake in even more profits. If people don't, it still equals more profits. Makes you think!

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