Premium Bonds - anyone ever won?

  Graham ® 20:55 04 Jun 2006

I've had a £1 bond since 1971. Winnings so far - nowt.

  Sapins 21:06 04 Jun 2006

I've had a bond since 1959 and never won:-(

  Forum Editor 21:07 04 Jun 2006

you really need to buy blocks to stand a good chance. I don't have any, but my wife does, and she regularly seems to win £50 prizes. Her attitude is that unless you win small prizes fairly regularly you would be better investing the money somewhere else.

  Sapins 21:09 04 Jun 2006

And I thought we all had an equal chance!

  josie mayhem 21:18 04 Jun 2006

I haven't but the two people I no who have: My ex-hubby has had his since 1960 and never won (he has about £50 worth)

And my friend who is past retirement age, was given bonds when she was born,, and ir took just over 60 years before she won!

Me haven't got any so don't stand a chance, but even if I did, if compared to my luck with the footie pools (of which I haven't done since the late 80's) would be very poor as the only time I won a very good win at that, I couldn't collect because there had been a hold up and my coupon didn't arrive on time. But I did get my preium back so kind of littlewoods....

  bosmere 21:31 04 Jun 2006

"buy blocks to stand a good chance"

FE I agree with that.

"unless you win small prizes fairly regularly you would be better investing the money somewhere else."

FE agree again, but in my experience the almost monthly wins of £50, £100 (and once £500) gives a far better return on my capital and it's easy to cash some in when capital is required.

  Forum Editor 21:44 04 Jun 2006

of winning, so.........if you have a block of 500 bonds you have 500 theoretical chances of winning. The more bonds you have, the greater your chances of winning a prize, although each bond has the same chance as all the others.

My wife agrees with you, bosmere - regular small wins mean that she's getting a reasonable return, and there's always that chance of the big one. I understand that premium bond investment is falling, and the government is looking at ways to stimulate interest.

  LinH 21:47 04 Jun 2006

We have a quite a sizeable premium Bond investment and have won small amounts quite regularly, enough to keep up with inflation/savings interest, but that's all.
Investing in shares would probably have, with the benefit of hindsight, delivered a much better return. But that's the choice you have, no risk but little return, or high risk with greater returns.

Interestingly, one of the £1,000,000 winners last month did it with a £5000 block that had only been in the draw 3 months!

It does happen, but with a £1 stake don't hold your breath!

  freaky 21:57 04 Jun 2006

I know a number of people who have invested a £1,000 block and have done quite well.

I invested £30 in 1974, a couple of years later I received £30 and re-invested it - since then zilch!

AS FE states, theoretically the larger the block then the greater chance of winning.

  PurplePenny 22:09 04 Jun 2006

I have a few from the £1 days and some from the £10 days. About £70 worth in total I think.

I've won once, £50, but as I was part of a syndicate I only got £10 :-(

  semag 22:44 04 Jun 2006

I had a block worth £500 for about 6 years, never won a penny, cashed them in and spent it.

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