Prefetch, where do you stand then?

  fleamailman 21:26 28 Apr 2006

Three camps here:

#leave the contents of the prefetch well alone.
#delete the contents of the prefetch for x or y reason.
#delete the contents of the prefitch leaving only the layout.bat for x or y reason.

So tell me, both which camp, and which situation your camp choice is based on.

  VoG II 21:38 28 Apr 2006

Disable - click here for explanation.

  remind 22:39 28 Apr 2006

Just let it do its job
click here

  remind 22:57 28 Apr 2006

regarding your post about re-installing when you get malware - why not use Windows 98 - you can have that installed and running in 10 minutes if you have the cab files on hard-drive and suitable setup.inf file...just a thought

  Forum Editor 22:59 28 Apr 2006

by clearing the prefetch folder is seriously deluding themselves - it simply won't work. In fact, it can have the opposite effect.

Leave the prefetch alone - it's there for a reason.

  fleamailman 23:47 28 Apr 2006

remind, thanks for that idea the only drawback to window98se is plug and play. But today even though as I have explained it doesn't really concern me I thought this topic would draw interest then.

I thought this link might interest poeple and please forgive the term joe duncehead(He was around before the editor here gave his answer here) btw I placed this thread here to make this site interesting, I believe there is room for arguments and counter arguments here but not for malice towards those who do not share your opinion towards this matter.

click here=

  fleamailman 23:48 28 Apr 2006
  wolfie3000 00:04 29 Apr 2006

i clean out my pc with ccleaner and there is a setting so you dont wipe off the prefetch files.

So i dont wipe mine i just leave them.

  remind 00:51 29 Apr 2006

The prefetch setting in CCleaner only cleans out `old` prefetch data, it's safe in that respect - it doesn't wipe everything in your prefetch folder indiscriminately.

  remind 01:19 29 Apr 2006

Have you ever encountered Andrew K or Mastertech in your travels? Look up Firefox Myths (pah!) if not.

  remind 01:21 29 Apr 2006

Not discounting your post BTW

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