Predicted solar activity to affect some sat-navs

  TopCat® 17:24 10 Feb 2010

and other communication devices as our sun wakes from its slumbers. click here A consensus of opinion by the Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Panel state that solar maximum activity is now expected to occur in May, 2013. This is, however, not a unanimous decision and was published in May 2009. click here

Soon be time then for some good old map reading exercises before the car sat-nav errors begin. TC.

  morddwyd 19:41 10 Feb 2010

This comes up every seven years or so, like the sunspot cycle.

It usually turns out to be about as serious as the Millennium Bug.

  canarieslover 19:53 10 Feb 2010

With the standard of driving that I regularly witness it must affect brains as well. Or is it that drivers are so reliant on Sat-Navs that they can't take their eyes off them long enough to see where they are going?

  MAT ALAN 20:30 10 Feb 2010

almost feel sorry for those poor buggers who get lost coming out of their garages...

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:33 10 Feb 2010

Throw away the sat-nav and wear a lead balaclava, then you will be fine!

  wiz-king 05:45 11 Feb 2010

Lead balaclava! No just a foil beanie is all you will need. click here

  octal 06:09 11 Feb 2010

It's happened before click here

It disrupted the telegraph service in 1859 which is a hard wired system, guess what it will do to a fragile satellite. I'll keep my paper maps thanks.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:03 11 Feb 2010

Don't link to things like that, you'll have the conspiracy theorists going on overtime!

  TopCat® 22:17 11 Feb 2010

Costing $850 million, NASA scientists were concerned enough to build, and launch today, the Solar Dynamics Observatory into a geosynchronous orbit above the Earth. TC.

"SDO's instruments will return images with a resolution 10 times better than the average high-definition television camera, and those pictures will come back at a rapid rate, every few seconds..."

click here

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