Precision driving at its finest

  interzone55 12:45 10 Jul 2012

Ken Block tearing up San Francisco, Basically a 10 minute advert for Monster energy drink, so quite interesting that one guy has a Red Bull helmet on...

You Tube link (watch in HD if your link can cope)

  Aitchbee 14:11 10 Jul 2012

That was smashing...Ken might have to adjust his handbrake after that!

  ams4127 17:15 10 Jul 2012

I'm glad I'm not paying for his tyres!

Very, very skillful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 10 Jul 2012

and buy some new tyres :0)

  daz60 18:24 10 Jul 2012

Superb driving and massive kudos to San Francisco for allowing this,think maybe Steve Mcqueen would be jealous.

  rdave13 20:31 10 Jul 2012

I'm glad I wasn't a passenger. Skilful driving at its best.

  Aitchbee 21:06 10 Jul 2012

The slick camera angle variations and all great sounds of gear changes and burning rubber reminded me of my favourite X-box simulation racing game...Project Gotham City.

  interzone55 22:00 10 Jul 2012

I think the tyre bill would be adequately covered by the advertising income.

He was on Top Gear once and drove round with Captain Slow in the passenger seat

  Brumas 23:15 10 Jul 2012

By Heck and you wouldn't believe that his day job is that of an hearse driver ;o}

  woodchip 23:45 10 Jul 2012

Sliding it sideways, What's up don't he have no brakes. also lost time sliding it

  Quickbeam 07:25 11 Jul 2012

It seems strange that not a single person is in shot in any of the many miles of urban street scenes for there to be no CGI trickery in use.

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