Pre Authorised Amount on credit card

  Cara2 18:39 08 Sep 2012

I agreed to 'pre authorise' a credit card for £200 (damage deposit) whilst renting a property abroad.

We left the property in an immaculate condition and thought nothing more about it. However, I have received an email saying the TV does not work. In fact it was so problematic whilst we were there that we did not bother putting it on. The email states they will get a technician in and keep me informed.

I gather they are suggesting a possiblilty I may be charged for the repair.

I have cancelled the credit card.

My question is, can they still charge any money on the pre-authorised card now I have cancelled it?

Am very unsettled about the matter!

  Nontek 18:53 08 Sep 2012

I would ask the Bank.

  wiz-king 19:26 08 Sep 2012

No idea. They may not be able to get the money from that account but you will still be liable to pay.

  lotvic 19:35 08 Sep 2012

I would advise to write them that you did not use the television whilst you were there (You never touched it) Don't admit you had problems with it because you should have reported any problems.

  namtas 22:46 08 Sep 2012

If bond was placed on your card then I could see that the answer is yes as this will be a debit on your account, my understanding is that cancelling a card does not cancel a pre existing charge.
To answer your question the rules indicate that a card on a closed account goes dead at the point of closure and the account is not accessible by anyone as it has no reference However that may work against you and you may have lost a valuable protection by closing your account, as you lose the claim protection you would have had in a dispute, I suspect that you will no longer have that option having canceled. What may happen now that the property owner will seek recompense direct from yourself. I think that you need to write to your credit cared company for a definition of where you stand, I would wait until the people you rented from contact you

  Forum Editor 23:45 08 Sep 2012

You authorised the card issuer to charge your account by an amount up to and including £200, and the card company will pay, regardless of the fact that you have subsequently closed the account. You'll be expected to honour the authorisation, unless you have a satisfactory reason for disputing it.

Have you spoken to the property owner? My advice is that you do so immediately,and disclaim any liability in respect of the TV repair. Follow up your call with a confirmation email, so that you have something to show the bank as evidence that you disputed any charge that may subsequently occur.

  Cara2 23:45 08 Sep 2012

Thanks for all your replies.

The company renting the property have now informed me that doing a system reset has resolved the problem.

I knew we had not damaged the television. I am furious they jumped the gun and unnecessarily alarmed me to the point I felt obliged to cancel the card. A more cordial "we hope you enjoyed your stay etc .." would have been more welcome.

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