praying to wrong god???

  Seth Haniel 13:36 08 Apr 2009
  wiz-king 14:52 08 Apr 2009

Continental drift.

  wee eddie 15:24 08 Apr 2009

Maybe it will foster the understanding that the Religious Hierarchy does not always interpret the pronouncements of God/Allah/Whoever correctly.

Fundamentalism, founded on the Records of any Faith, has long been a Worldwide problem. These records the, Bible/Torah/Koran/Veda, are fixed within the understanding of their Authors and subsequent Scribes/Copiers, who we know were not 100% accurate, and frequently interpreted what they read in a manner that was understandable to themselves.

There may be one God, in whose House are many Mansions, I just wish that the "High Heed Yins" of all the Faiths would accept that there may be others around that have just as good a claim to Truth as they do.

  wolfie3000 17:39 08 Apr 2009

Maybe Allah can give them compasses.

  Brumas 17:54 08 Apr 2009

Very nicely summed up, if I may say so.

  Forum Editor 18:35 08 Apr 2009

Well said.

There is nothing in this world worse than a religious fundamentalist who cannot for a moment contemplate that other people have a perfect right to believe in and worship their own god, in their own way, and that no God or prophet worthy of the name would contemplate telling followers to harm, let alone kill non-believers.

Anyone who wishes to think that he or she has the answers to living a good and righteous life, or that he or she will be reincarnated, or whatever, is perfectly at liberty to carry on as far as I'm concerned, as long as they don't patronise me with all that 'I know the way to salvation and everlasting joy' nonsense.

I can't believe that praying in the wrong direction can have any bearing on the efficacy of the prayers.

  wellshgit 19:34 08 Apr 2009

When I worked offshore in the Arabian/persian Gulf I saw a Saudi praying facing an Iranian Rig about 2 miles away, obviously facing the wrong way. When he finished I said to him I thought you had to face Mecca when you pray. He said yes, so I pointed out his mistake. He became very upset, saying his prayer was invalid and prayer time had finished. He prayed again in the right direction hoping Allah would accept it.

  laurie53 19:57 08 Apr 2009

I remember a story told by a Jesuit.

A new arrival was being shown around Heaven, and questioned his guide about a high wall which stretched as far as the eye could see.

"Oh, the Catholics are in there; they don't like to think anybody else is up here"!

  Pesala 08:31 11 Apr 2009

Tawfik al-Sudairy, Islamic affairs ministry deputy secretary, downplayed the problem in remarks quoted by the pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat.

"There are no major errors but corrections have been made for some old mosques, thanks to modern techniques," he said.

"In any case, it does not affect the prayers."

Maybe this quote will foster the understanding that the Ilslmaic religious hierarchy are not necessarily fundamentalists or superstitious idolators.

  laurie53 19:28 11 Apr 2009

When I was in the Middle East (which is only the Middle East to us of course!) a few years ago one of the local security guards came to me one morning and asked for some water.

Thinking he was thirsty I gave him some tea out of an urn, only to find a few minutes later I had almost started Jihad.

He had wanted the water to wash for prayers (it was dawn) and thought I was trying to make him unclean.

All sorted out amicably, but I wonder what would happen today?

  WhiteTruckMan 19:47 11 Apr 2009

that this did bring a wry smile to my face. But to be fair, so did this:

click here


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