Pranks (When people go too far)

  Autoschediastic 12:21 26 Aug 2011

We've all done them and been subject to them too, here is an example of what could of been very serious..

Story Here

  anchor 13:47 26 Aug 2011

It WAS very serious, and could even have been fatal.

  Quickbeam 13:57 26 Aug 2011

Compressed air is a bigger danger than most would think. There is plenty in the way of legislation controlling the safe use and maintenance of it's use, but not many aware of it, they seem to just think you plug the compressor in away you go with rules.

Compressed air regs

  Quickbeam 13:59 26 Aug 2011

Should read 'with no rules'

  interzone55 16:17 26 Aug 2011

There's been at least one actor killed by being shot with gun loaded with blanks - the compressed air out of the end of the gun barrel was enough to crack their skull and send bits of bone into their skull.

I'd be interested in knowing how a compressed air hose is "accidentally" inserted into someone's bum when they're still clothed...

  chub_tor 16:56 26 Aug 2011

Back in 1957 I was an apprentice in the Marconi Training Centre in New Street in Chelmsford. One of my apprentice colleagues decided to get the dust out of his wrist watch by "gently blowing" it with a high pressure air gun. You can guess the consequences... cogs, springs, wheels everywhere...

  userious? 18:53 26 Aug 2011

We were always told as apprentices not mess around with compressed air, anyone caught would face instant dismissal.

  daz60 18:55 26 Aug 2011


you have read my thoughts.

For a prank like this to succeed it would require enormous amounts of guile on the part of the perpetrators or an amazing act of masochism by the "victim".

In shorts maybe,underwear..??

  morddwyd 20:38 26 Aug 2011

It's not accidental, quite deliberate, and I knew of a couple of instances of people being injured by such stupid horseplay while I was in the the Forces.

In at least one case the guy was medically discharged with a full pension.

  BT 08:40 27 Aug 2011

The hose wouldn't have had to be 'inserted'. Just being close by would have been sufficient to blast the air into the chap.

Just playing the air onto your skin can be dangerous if in close enough proximity. Its not just air either, the blast of water from the high pressure jet wash machines can be dangerous. I accidentally caught my hand momentarily from a couple of inches and suffered a very painful bruising. This was one of the commercial car wash machines so was probably more powerful than the ones we use at home, but I wouldn't want to make a comparison- far too painful!

  morddwyd 08:43 27 Aug 2011

There is an anecdotal story of an aircraft engineer looking for a hydraulic leak by running his hand along the line.

He found it when the needle fine high pressure jet took the tip of his finger off.

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