Practice your links here

  Graham. 09:50 18 Apr 2011

Be my guest, practice posting links on here.

  Nontek 22:04 03 Jun 2011

Trying again - link text

1: http://:///C:/Documents and Settings/John/My Documents/My Pictures/broken_computer.jpg

  Nontek 22:06 03 Jun 2011

Still a no-no!

  lotvic 23:28 03 Jun 2011

Photobucket will host your pictures ClickHere

  Colonel Graham 23:34 03 Jun 2011

Photobucket of found cat

  Nontek 22:17 04 Jun 2011

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have sorted the problem by reverting to the earlier version of Firefox V3.6 .... ImageShack is now OK.

  Colonel Graham 11:44 09 Jun 2011

Solar Panels in bold

  AroundAgain 10:43 12 Jun 2011

Testing Bold

Testing Italic

BBC News

  Ex plorer 08:11 14 Jun 2011
  lotvic 19:55 24 Jun 2011

practising bigger text by typing a hyphen then space in front

  • I typed a hyphen then a space and this text then I pressed Enter
  • List item
  • oh, it makes it into a list when you press return
  • I see, you replace the words List item with your own text

I pressed Enter twice to stop the list and hopefully return to normal size text

  Quickbeam 20:46 24 Jun 2011

How do you get Chinese writing...?

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