Practice your links here

  Graham. 09:50 18 Apr 2011

Be my guest, practice posting links on here.

  rawprawn 17:12 18 Apr 2011
  lotvic 17:12 18 Apr 2011

Practice Heading

Horizontal Rule practice

did a line appear? It doesn't show in the preview box.

try ''two single quotation marks'' both ends to see what I get

trying "one double quotation mark" both ends

trying ""two double quotation marks"" both ends

Bold is easy two stars both ends

italic bold three stars

I saw a post where the text size came out bigger but don't know how they did that.

  rawprawn 17:15 18 Apr 2011

link text

1: watch the weather

  rawprawn 17:17 18 Apr 2011
  rawprawn 17:19 18 Apr 2011

Boy, am I a slow learner! Thank you Graham.

  lotvic 17:35 18 Apr 2011

I wonder if the big text is when you do a list

  1. try this
  2. List item
  3. oh yes that seems to be it
  4. I can see it is bigger in the preview box

another mystery solved for me

  Nontek 17:48 18 Apr 2011

A practice .....

Old lappie

  Nontek 17:49 18 Apr 2011

Hmmm, should have been a link there as well - a picture!

  Nontek 17:52 18 Apr 2011
  Blackhat 18:05 18 Apr 2011

Had to try before the thread got closedlink text

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