Practice your links here

  Graham. 09:50 18 Apr 2011

Be my guest, practice posting links on here.

  Brumas 10:41 18 Apr 2011

link text Sorry, couldn’t resist it ;o}}

  Proclaimer 10:47 18 Apr 2011


Sausages are links...

  Proclaimer 10:48 18 Apr 2011


That's better!

  Proclaimer 10:49 18 Apr 2011

So, type the linked word then select the globe for the link. sorted

  Proclaimer 10:50 18 Apr 2011
  Graham. 10:51 18 Apr 2011

Brumas, more practice required, methinks.

  lotvic 13:28 18 Apr 2011

I quite like this, be sure to read the small print

To do the above link I highlighted the words read the small print, clicked on the green/blue circle markdown icon pasted in (making sure that there was only one http://) then I typed "mind your fingers" at the end of the url in the box (or you could type/add it in in the compose box afterwards)

In the compose box it looks like this, please note I have replaced [ with £ to stop it turning into the proper link

£read the small print]£1]

£1]: "mind your fingers"

  Forum Editor 16:44 18 Apr 2011

Practising for a few more hours only please....

then I'm going to remove the thread.

  Quickbeam 16:51 18 Apr 2011

Will there be band practice after this then? I can do a mean Hey Joe for the rhythm section...

  Pine Man 16:55 18 Apr 2011

Thank you for this thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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