for pple livig out of London help........

  224488 13:00 07 Dec 2016

Dear brother and Sisters, I would like to move out of London with my children that they can have their Islamic studies and going to Junior and High schools. Where crime rate is lower as an alone mother of kids very important issue. I am looking forward to your reply and advices. regards Zara

  Forum Editor 13:28 07 Dec 2016

I'm afraid that we can't really help - there are all kinds of options, and different people will offer different advice.

All mothers would like their children to grow up in an area of low crime, and Islamic studies can be pursued in many locations. Can you not get advice from your mosque?

  bumpkin 17:05 08 Dec 2016

It was deleted and got me a yellow card.

  rickf 17:26 08 Dec 2016

What have you done bumpkin? Always thought you were a reasonable and cautious person from your posts and responses. Did you give in to a momentary lapse of control? Well, there's always a first time for everyone.

  bumpkin 18:16 08 Dec 2016

I merely suggested a location outside of London.

  Forum Editor 00:46 09 Dec 2016


Don't be ridiculous. I strongly suggest that you think twice before making any further posts to this thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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