HondaMan 14:09 09 Mar 2007

Anybody found any Category 1 potholes lately?

  Jackcoms 15:03 09 Mar 2007

OK, I give up.

What's a "Category 1 pothole"?

Some new kind of PC virus or spyware?

  namtas 16:07 09 Mar 2007

Yes but we have a problem, cat 1 is 100mm in Cumbria but only 40mm in Bournmouth

  FungusBoggieman 16:23 09 Mar 2007

well I was curious about this thread so I looked into it, the thread that is and not the pothole.
if its any interst to any one which i doubt there are 5 cat 1 pots on the road from brandis corner to woodford bridge in devon.

  STREETWORK 17:21 09 Mar 2007

This relates to the urgency of the repair, CAT 1, within 24 hours.

REF: Well Maintained Highways - Good working Practice...

  Kate B 17:32 09 Mar 2007

I regard CAT 1 urgency as about 8am when my mog is at her peak noisiness of wanting breakfast.

*gets coat*

  namtas 17:40 09 Mar 2007

For those who wish to make a career of it.
click here

  p;3 17:44 09 Mar 2007

thisawillbefun with all them 'oles I meet (or rather a sad motorvehicle finds)

  p;3 17:47 09 Mar 2007

have you seen the list already reported? staggering!!

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