Postoffice and junk mail

  Cymro. 13:44 01 Nov 2011

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There has on this and other forums been plenty of complaints about the Post-office delivering unwanted junk mail. So will this help to solve the problem ( that is assuming you find it a problem)

  johndrew 14:13 01 Nov 2011

It is likely the 'postie' will suffer as a result. From my understanding a pile of junk mail is provided to them for delivery and it is up to them to know which addresses don't want it. Given the number of different postmen we see on our round this is pretty much an impossible task - and they will still be expected to walk at the speed of light.

I wonder when our MPs will enter the real world where people actually live at times. This subject needs much more thought applied than simply amalgamation of web sites. Perhaps, given the push for less waste in bins, there should be a move to stop junk mail entirely and return to advertising hoardings.

  Aitchbee 15:06 01 Nov 2011

I got junk mail delivered to me on the bus the other day.The bus stopped, and a chap from the bus company, got on, and 'delivered' a flyer about 'Fare Dodgers', by hand, to all of the passengers.The same flyer(a bigger version) was already displayed on the bus for everyone to see.

There was a bit about the rising cost of travel tickets was partly due to fare dodgers.Pull the other one...

  spuds 19:05 01 Nov 2011

"it has a legal obligation to deliver mail"

Obligation is perhaps a very meaningful word that Royal Mail and possibly ParcelForce do not fully understand or agree with. Take a very simple case of a post-person not being able to deliver an item to an address that the item should be delivered to. The post-person should then leave a 'Something for you' card, that provides various solutions or instructions.

One of those written into the card: 'As requested, your item has been left' with your designated neighbour, and a tick box is provided for this service. If you ask Royal Mail, they will inform you that they "do not provide this service", because their licence does not permit it.

You could perhaps try to get items delivered to your home, by Royal Mail's 'new' official Safeplace scheme. This could be a wheelie bin (if you regard it safe enough), but the person or company sending the item, must put the Safeplace location on the item being sent and delivered, otherwise it would not be delivered to your Safeplace location!.

But there is a proposed 'Delivery to Neighbour' scheme that is due to commence in certain parts of the UK from 28th November 2011 for a three month trial period. The areas under consideration are parts of Hull, Norwich, Bolton, Wigan, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Swansea. Which all have been approved by the regulator for the trial period.

Referring further to Royal Mail's legal obligations. They can choose not to delivery, if they believe the risk is far to great, under health and safety.

Perhaps the above is off subject with regards to junk mail, but I thought that you might find the above information a little bit interesting, especially if you are having Royal Mail deliver problems?.

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