Posting stories and poems online

  MJS WARLORD 09:25 20 May 2018

Ok so i have a collection of stories that i would like to share online , the only uk sites i have found are pay to join , i am looking for a no fee site.Take a look at , yes it is american but you should get an idea what i am looking for.

  alanrwood 10:41 20 May 2018

I assume that the stories have been written by your good self. Thinking of copyright issues.

  MJS WARLORD 11:27 20 May 2018

yes Alan they are all my own work I just want to share them with other people.

  BT 08:48 21 May 2018

Why not set up your own Website. There are a number of free apps available.

Or a blog


  Forum Editor 15:29 21 May 2018

I'm afraid I have deleted the story you published here, and all posts which referred to it.

This is a discussion forum, and unfortunately we can't allow the publication of original short stories. You should be aware that when you register with us you agree to our terms and conditions - one of those terms is:-

"By registering for access to our web forum you agree that the copyright in any content you may post to the site passes to IDG Communications Ltd upon publication, and that we may reproduce any contribution in whole or in part any IDG Group publications, websites, or advertisements without further reference to you."

  MJS WARLORD 16:32 21 May 2018

I apologise to you for unknowingly breaking the rules FE , I only did it because somebody asked to see a sample of what I had done.

  bumpkin 18:02 21 May 2018

I think FE was trying to help here by not allowing you to get into complicated copyright issues.

  Forum Editor 18:11 21 May 2018

All is well - I understand why you posted the story. If you are planning to publish your stuff elsewhere, you need to retain the copyright in it.

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