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Postieto leave your parel next door

  SparkyJack 12:34 13 Jun 2012

A news item today suggests that postmen-ladies are be allowed to seek to leave mail with neighbour if it cannot be deliverd to the intended address.

My postie has done this with items that would not go into my letterbox for years.

Does this mean he has been breaking the rules all this time? ! Or perhaps they are bowing to already common practice

  Strawballs 12:37 13 Jun 2012

I'm with you on this one I thought that was the standard practice, that is what the cards are for that they post through letting you know which house took it in for you!

  Clapton is God 12:42 13 Jun 2012

This is bad news.

If I order something which I know will be too big to go through the letterbox I always have it delivered to my office.

I don't know my neighbours and don't want anything left with my neighbours.

A backward step.

  Strawballs 12:44 13 Jun 2012

Clapton is God if you addressed the item to your office then it will still go to your office why would they take it to your neighbours?

  SparkyJack 13:02 13 Jun 2012

To echo Strawballs To specify an address that will be available to receive the item is the way to if your neighbour is not ideal [not to suggest a neighbour may dishonest they too may out a lot]

  onthelimit1 13:06 13 Jun 2012

'I don't know my neighbours'

That seems a bit antisocial! :-)

  Clapton is God 13:15 13 Jun 2012


Err, large parcels that I haven't ordered but have been sent to me by someone else, perhaps???

  lotvic 17:15 13 Jun 2012

Been doing it for years in area where I live. It works well as postie always puts a note through to say where he's left parcel.

I suppose if you don't want postie to do that then a notice on your door to say so would be sufficient.

  lotvic 17:28 13 Jun 2012

Don't panic, it seems you are going to be asked ClickHere

"Royal Mail said it will write to every address in the UK this Autumn asking them if they will be happy for their neighbours to receive their undelivered packages.

Importantly no one – particular householders who have a prickly relationship with a neighbour – will be forced to accept the new arrangement. "

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