PostCode Lottery.?

  Geronimo. 23:17 04 Dec 2008

I recived a letter today that ive only just this minute opened, its from a company advertising Carol Smillie on the front as a peoples postcode lottery..? ive never heard of them but its from some company in Glasgow, its £2 per go & they state theyve supportd charities for years then it goes on to show you the typical photo's of winners, it seams some what of a scam can anyone add any information to this please..?

  [DELETED] 23:22 04 Dec 2008

Probably a scam I'd just chuck it in the bin. See if they have a registered charity number printed on there somewhere and search Google Images for pictures of Carol Smillie and see if any of them match the picture in the letter, as they could have just got any old picture of her to stick on it.

  [DELETED] 01:21 05 Dec 2008
  [DELETED] 20:20 05 Dec 2008

It is not a scam.

This has been on the go in Scotland for quite a while now.

I don't know much more about it as I do not participate in any way.

  laurie53 07:47 06 Dec 2008

Perfectly legit operation, having established a reasonable base in Scotland is now trying to get some English money!

  [DELETED] 08:09 06 Dec 2008

I received the one earlier this week, and must admit my first reaction was the same as Geronimos, especially speed reading through it and seeing the words 'winnings are paid into your bank account' - scam alert alarm went off, but of course reading it properly they have the details because you pay for the ticket by DD.

  Forum Editor 08:19 06 Dec 2008

regulated by the Gambling Commission, and similar lotteries are popular in other countries.

Weirdly, Bill Clinton is one of the lottery's 'ambassadors'.

  [DELETED] 08:46 06 Dec 2008

I had one of the Smilie Smilie Carol Smilie things through my door yesterday as well.

Quick read through and filed with the rest of

  Terry Brown 09:52 06 Dec 2008

One of the best 'Lottery' options is the Irish lottery as the odds are lower and the prizes are higher.

  [DELETED] 16:26 06 Oct 2010

Hi, I'm a representative of People's Postcode Lottery in the UK. I can assure you that this is not a scam, it's a real lottery that supports real charities in Great Britian - and there are real lottery winners!

To see the great charities we support, please go here: click here To see some of our winners, please visit our YoutTube channel: click here Our winners also sometimes stop by and comment on our Facebook page: click here

We hope you will give playing People's Postcode Lottery a chance. £2 from every monthly ticket goes to charities in Scotland, England and Wales, and all of the money raised in each area stays in that area. So, when you play People's Postcode Lottery you're actually benefiting great charities that serve your communities. If you would like to find out how to play, please visit our website at: click here

Thanks to Geronimo for asking the question and for everyone's comments! If you have any more questions, please feel free to visit our Facebook page.

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