Postcard in newsagent's window

  Kate B 13:50 28 Mar 2005

Interesting piece on the BBC's tech website:

click here

trouble is, how would you know if someone who posted a card like this actually knows anything about computers?

  octal 14:26 28 Mar 2005

Its interesting how people are very intimidated by computers. Can you remember how you felt when you got your first computer? I can, but luckily because of my work I've worked on computers for 20 years, so I don't feel the slightest intimidated with them now.

As for putting a card in a newsagents window, I probably could, the trouble is I personally think its more trouble than its worth, after all you can fix someones computer today and something else goes wrong again tomorrow, try explaining the problem in any known language that the person will understand, they will think you're pulling a fast one.

I think its very difficult to justify your time when you spend 2-3 hours in someones house resolving a problem like virus infection.

I've seen these cards, but I've no idea how good/bad they are. Still, its an interesting article.

  It's Me 14:48 28 Mar 2005

A very interesting article, Concerning a much discussed problem, and that does not lessen the need for some attention from someone, probably the PC manufactures/retailers.
This recent thread is similar I think. click here

  georgemac © 17:39 28 Mar 2005

you wouldn't know how good they were. And we all know depending what you are doing,and it will be mostly removing spyware, there is every chance of making it worse, given how complex spyware now seems to be getting.

I only do our PC's and those of friends (as favours - no payment). The worst infected are always the one's where the kids are using messenger heavily.

I dare say I could make a few bob if I put a card in the shop window, but what I tend to do now is take the base unit to my house, as I get fed up sitting in another house waiting for a scan to complete - it would be worse in a total strangers house.

  spuds 17:44 28 Mar 2005

Kate B--The answer to your last question, is that you would not know, unless you knew of someone who had used their services.

In the location that I live in, there are a number of postcards in shop windows offering computer services. One such card is from a young lad 15 years old, who by all accounts is very good,he's doing the extra sparetime work for and part off educational advancement in his computer studies.

One or two have fallen by the wayside, on their endeavours to a get rich quick passing idea.Basically they thought they had the knowledge, but in the end it was proven that their 'IT' experiences was very limited.Okay for building and upgrading, but very limited to major problem solving and troubleshooting.

I know that you mentioned sometime ago about doing computer work with a friend. Are you still thinking!.

  georgemac © 18:02 28 Mar 2005

I have just finished with a friends PC. I never checked it but she said it was full of porn pop-up's (teenage son) and very slow.

I updated the anti virus and scanned, found numerous trojans. Updated and ran adaware, found about 170 critical infections. Ran ccleaner. Ran regscrub & fixed all the faults.

Booted to safe mode, adaware found about another 40 infections. Installed the new spyware blaster 3.3 & updated.

Took it back today, connected to the net and istalled the windows updates (does not have sp2 - did not like it when it was installed before).

Installed MS anti spyware beta, updated and it found another 40 infections on what I thought was a clean computer - on the restart it went through diskcheck and found a lot of errors. I was impressed.

I have also installed and locked the hosts file from click here but what I would really like for this friend is entries for the hosts file that would block access to all of the porn sites - I do not know where to get this - any links would be gratefully accepted.

spuds, my son is almost 13 and is very interested in IT - you may have given me an idea - I could train him and he could do this for a bit of pocket money. I will think about this.

  gudgulf 19:52 28 Mar 2005

Not a hosts file fix but I found this for dealing with porn sites.......Don't know if it's any good but you might find it worth investigating click here

and click here

  josie mayhem 19:57 28 Mar 2005

Well in the last week I have saved two of my friends a furtune.

I'm seem to be getting more and more enquiries concerning sorting out so and so computer. Which I have been more than happy to do, for a cup of tea and a snack (if I'm there for a long time)

Why I don't charge, has I say I might not be able to reslove the problem, and any fixes that I carry out might not last.

But I don't know now, I wouldn't mind doing it as a part-time acitivity along side my main job, all above board of course. And just doing it by word of mouth.

  georgemac © 20:21 28 Mar 2005

I've added the PAC file site to my favourites and I'll have a good look at this when I get back home in a couple of weeks. Thanks

  georgemac © 20:21 28 Mar 2005

I've added the PAC file site to my favourites and I'll have a good look at this when I get back home in a couple of weeks. Thanks

  Kate B 22:36 28 Mar 2005

we've just been bought a rather tasty curry by the friends whose computer we rid of all kinds of crud a while ago ... it's full of crud again ... I think we're more likely to get fat than rich with these friends!

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