Postal strike, looks like it's over

  AI33 23:27 12 Oct 2007

The BBC are reporting that both sides have reached an agreement at the TUC. click here

  rdave13 23:48 12 Oct 2007

Hmm. Glad it's over because it might, and I strongly suggest might, that it will mean less PO workers will loose their jobs.
Those workers that are not a member of a union will face difficulties over the next few months as to how their colleagues will treat them, ie., non union members and union members.

Who benefits? Customer has lowest priority. Unionist will say to non unionist that 'We did the dog's testicles to get 'wow factor' and you did nowt but work'!!
What ever deal they have gained against a government establishment is the dying throes of that company. Goodbye Post Office; I feel that you've just signed your own extinction warranty.

  Stuartli 00:13 13 Oct 2007

As I've stated elsewhere, I wouldn't normally support strike actions but, in this case, I been very much behind the postal workers.

One interesting point is that a Labour government has conspicuously failed to back a body of union members; unions, for a 100 years or more, have been the backbone of its existence.

Seems that "converting" from shop workers to being in management has shown Brown and Co in their true colours.

  rdave13 00:39 13 Oct 2007

"Seems that "converting" from shop workers to being in management has shown Brown and Co in their true colours."
New Labour policies. Why do you think that immigrant workers, welcomed with open arms, who work here and send most of their earnings back to their home countries are economically better for the country? I seriously think that , like you, there's something radically wrong somewhere. Not being a politician; it would be nice if one would have the integrity to tell the commonfolk just how stopping teenagers- of this country- gaining apprenticeships in the trades required- helps the future society?
It's a bloody mystery to me what is actually going on. Is it treason by the Government or what?
Maybe someone in the know will kindly explain why we have hords of immigrants in work and local teenagers that can't get work? Simple question but never a simple answer.

  newman35 08:36 13 Oct 2007

'Immigrant workers' covers a whole spectrum of people - from the badly needed professional doctors and dentists (without them our beloved NHS would totally collapse) to the 'illegal' fruit pickers exploited by gangmasters, and, inbetween, hardworking men and women perfectly entitled under EU legislation to work here - just as you or I could take a job in France etc if we desired.
Employers will tell you that very often these workers are better than our 'homegrown teenagers' in terms of education and ability, and as employers are in it to profit then obviously they will take whoever works best for them.

  The Brigadier 10:45 13 Oct 2007

Suggest you look here at the whole situation @ click here

  rdave13 11:49 13 Oct 2007

Of course what you say is right but many school leavers are eager to work and simply fail to get jobs let alone apprenticeships. This problem must be aggravated by not being able to control the influx of foreign labour, whether hard working or not. Surely we should try to look after our own somewhat.

  anchor 11:52 13 Oct 2007

It may not be over yet. Wildcat strikes are replacing official action.

These unofficial strikers are unlikely to take notice of court rulings.

click here

  spuds 12:46 13 Oct 2007

Have you noticed where the wildcat strikes have occurred. Liverpool and London areas, both very militant regions for the slightest cause.

Unions once had an heyday, but they no longer hold power or the country's support. Look what happened to the mining, car and port/dock industries. Now gone and virtually forgotten.

One interesting point as been brought up about postal services, and the reclassifications of that industry. Private enterprise had an open invite to compete against the Royal Mail, including door to door deliveries, own collection boxes and the like. Only one company TNT have actually trailed this service in two areas of the UK (one in England,one in Scotland), and neither attempts led to much success.So it was a return to the old postie for door to door deliveries countrywide.

What's going to be the eventual result of all this. Post Offices closing down with the likes of WH Smith taking over counter services. Tesco, Asda and other superstores as a possible consideration perhaps. Both our local Tesco and Asda stores have post boxes in or just outside the premises. One think that I have noticed with the local Tesco superstore, the stamp issuing machines as been broken for months, and no sign of repair yet!.

  Legolas 13:06 13 Oct 2007

I support the PO workers strike and I am very concerned that a judge can rule their industrial action illegal that smacks of a police state and more in keeping with a Tory government than a Labour one. I wonder how far it is from that to the scenes witnessed in Burma in the last few weeks when any action against the powers that be is suppressed. Banning industrial action when it is convenient to you to do so is the slippery slope to more erosion of our already eroded civil liberties I'm surprised thy never used the Anti terrorist laws to arrest the union leaders.

  newman35 13:09 13 Oct 2007

I understand where you're coming from, but I don't see the solution of becoming even more 'isolationist' as the answer. I remember times when Unions were very, very protective and 'closed shop' was the order of the day in the factories and offices. In the end it backfired on them (do we want to 'bring back Maggie?).
So my solution is to approach from the other direction, educate our own to do these jobs better and so be able to compete with any immigrant.

Of course the other 'problem' would be that there are some unpleasant jobs only immigrants seem willing to do - so should there be some form of compulsion on our teenagers to accept any job? Tory conference sounded as if it wants this.

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