Postage rates to Ireland?

  Quickbeam 19:43 12 Sep 2011

I've just been looking without much joy for a price to post a parcel (approx .75kg) to the Irish Republic. Anyone know where I can find a price for this?

For a matter of interest, it's an eBay auction item that a possible buyer has asked me for a price on and this is the first time I've tried to sell anything on there.

  interzone55 19:59 12 Sep 2011

Try this site

  interzone55 20:00 12 Sep 2011

Doesn't work, try this instead

  Quickbeam 20:06 12 Sep 2011

Thanks alan14 (the link didn't work, but I searched it anyway), that answers my question, it's about £21 with parcel force, I think.

  Quickbeam 20:10 12 Sep 2011

I've found where the Royal Mail hid there rates button now as well.

Both sites have a buy it now button, what's that all about? I think I'd sooner just take it to a post office, the old fashioned way!

  Quickbeam 20:13 12 Sep 2011

Does anyone know what happens at the end of an auction if the buyer is outside the UK postal area? How do you put the extra on?

  Aitchbee 20:59 12 Sep 2011

QB - this will not help you but, to send a birthday card to my brother in southern Ireland, which contained a Ten euro note, would have cost me £7.50 to get there 'safely'.I decided to go the cheaper route, by putting the letter in a post-box with an air-mail sticker on it. Cost £1.

  interzone55 21:43 12 Sep 2011

On the sale screen there's a postage options section with an International section, you add your postage here.

The Buy it Now on the Royal Mail site lets you print a pre-paid postage label, this is much quicker than queuing to have the parcel weighed in the Post Office, you simply jump to the front of the queue and leave your parcel by the window unless you need proof of despatch...

  wiz-king 21:51 12 Sep 2011

Was just about to tell you you cant send 75kg by post when I spied the decimal point! so I will shut up.

  Quickbeam 22:17 12 Sep 2011

Thanks for the reply alan14.

"On the sale screen there's a postage options section with an International section, you add your postage here."

I'm wondering if I can't change that after the item has been listed as I only have the domestic postage options showing. It says 'No international postage, My item would only be listed on eBay UK only', does the Republic count as UK to eBay?

So I think I'll have to say it can't be done now.

  interzone55 09:19 13 Sep 2011


Sorry, I think Eire counts as International as far as Ebay is concerned

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