Post Office 1 v 0 Plymouth Council - Who were the losers?

  Taff™ 08:28 18 Apr 2013

Post Office Seal Post Box

The problem is that common sense isn't that common any more but I had to chuckle reading this one. In what was a First Division relegation battle I think the Post Office won but guess who were the losers? In my opinion the Public lost out again.

  fourm member 08:53 18 Apr 2013

That does seem to be the archetypal 'jobsworth' story. It doesn't say, however, whether it was a Royal Mail van or a white van hired in, which happens sometimes.

Nor does it say if there was any human involvement in issuing the ticket. I'm assuming the camera car could have ANPR so the ticket was issued without anyone looking at the vehicle involved.

That would place the obvious failure in common sense back on the designer of the system.

  carver 11:15 18 Apr 2013

Read here, "council spokesman said it was not normal practice to issue fines to a *Royal Mail * van being used to collect post. He said: “This was obviously an error and an isolated incident and had Royal Mail submitted an appeal, we would have cancelled the fine immediately."

  Quickbeam 11:19 18 Apr 2013

Storm in a teacup, as they say.

  carver 11:27 18 Apr 2013

Quickbeam the Royal Mail soon stamped on the idea of paying

  spuds 12:04 18 Apr 2013

I do not know how the law works nowadays, but in my days in law enforcement on vehicles, it was a golden rule that vehicles displaying the King Or Queen's crown, and that included Royal Mail vehicle's were exempt in situations like this.

  Quickbeam 12:07 18 Apr 2013

Can the person who issued the ticket be hanged for impeding the Royal Mail and treason then?

  Woolwell 12:12 18 Apr 2013

I live on the edge of Plymouth and this story does not surprise me. I suspect that Royal Mail have become fed up with the Council which makes in my opinion some ridiculous decisions and seems to have a vendetta against motorists.

  fourm member 13:20 18 Apr 2013


I would imagine that the staff delivering to retailers in the town centre hear plenty of complaints about parking enforcement. I wonder if that helped the decision to deal with this in a very public way.

Looking at it through an irony filter, you wouldn't expect the Royal Mail to baulk at having to write a letter.

  Woolwell 13:30 18 Apr 2013

fourm member - I wouldn't be surprised if the managers had an axe to grind over parking but perhaps more over the disruption created by road works near their main sorting office which has been a fiasco lasting around 2 years or more.

  bumpkin 13:49 18 Apr 2013

The Post Office did write a letter but were unable to send it as they had sealed up the post box:-)

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