Possible Postal Strike start date

  iant54 12:36 13 Oct 2009

Reading on the BBC News website that the Postal Strike could begin on 22nd October, I wondered whether the fact that that's the release date for Windows 7 had anything to do with the date selection?

  Colin 12:58 13 Oct 2009

I doubt that the postal union are even aware of that!

  tein 13:02 13 Oct 2009

All i do know is that the UK is going to the dogs! its always unions & workers VS the goverment in some form.? whens all this going to end.? NEVER!

  dagnammit 13:19 13 Oct 2009

They're cutting their own throats.

They are earning an average of £356 per week, finish everyday by lunchtime. Above minimum wage for an easy job... Yes it's easy, I did it as a temp for almost a year and would have happily took up the job again before I got my current employment.

Many firms will be using alternatives this Christmas taking the most profitable part of RM away from them.

If you want money from your employer, you help them make it.... NOT LOSE IT!

click here £25 million Amazon deal is lost.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:33 13 Oct 2009

Their pension fund has a £5bn deficit. I'm sure that the well paid and gobby union leaders, whose salaries will not be affected by a strike, have thought about this very carefully and taken erudite advice from professionals.


  Grey Goo 13:33 13 Oct 2009

To start a strike so near Christmas. I don't know how much strike pay they get but when they're feasting on a fishpaste sandwich for Christmas lunch, perhaps they may regret trying to ruin everyone elses.

  rickf 14:00 13 Oct 2009

I am absolutely p....ed off. Cheques stuck in the post, letters not arriving, items not arriving. My sympathies had always been with those unfairly paid and striving for fair pay but this is abosolutely ridiculous. Yes, they are cutting their own throats as at this rate there'll no jobs to go back to 'cause RM will cease to exist. My regular postman who is as good as gold syas he is frustrated as well as his hands are tied by those who simply think through the bottom end.

  sunnystaines 14:05 13 Oct 2009

they are out of order to go on strike the week the windows.7 packs are posted out.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:12 13 Oct 2009

I think the days of public sector strikes gaining public sympathy have been and gone.

I'm not quite sure if the Post Office is actually public sector, but you get my point!

I understand that the CWU is claiming that the Post Office's reorganisation is not being handled properly, but are there specific problems that they are objecting to? Or do they just think that striking is a good way to manage a business?

  beeuuem 14:30 13 Oct 2009

"... finish everyday by lunchtime."
So who is it that delivers my 'morning' post at 3.00 pm everyday?

  Grey Goo 14:48 13 Oct 2009

I think there is a practice whereby they can go home when the round is finished. Perhaps your postie likes to take his time or there is another reason for the lateness of the hour, does he smile a lot.

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