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Possible easing of restrictions from Monday?

  Clapton is God 10:03 07 May 2020

Today's papers and the BBC website are reporting that any possible easing of lockdown, to be announced on Sunday, may include allowing people to sunbathe in parks.

And for those of us with a brain who have no interest in sunbathing in parks or anywhere else for that matter, what little nugget will we be offered?

  QuizMan 21:25 12 May 2020

Pablo de Catio: HaHa - I could not possibly say. Last Friday, I was not a risk, but by Saturday I was.

  Quickbeam 07:22 13 May 2020

A thought that occurred to me on the ending of lockdown after the first wave of deaths that no one seems to have mentioned, is that the vast majority of deaths which have been on top of an underlying serious health condition must surely have ‘thinned out’ (for want of a better phrase...) the pool of vulnerable people, which in turn must reduce the impact of any subsequent waves.

A brutal analysis I agree, but there must be something in it...

  morddwyd 09:10 13 May 2020

You mean the weaker ones go first, simple natural selection?

Undoubtedly true, but I doubt if the numbers are statistically significant.

  john bunyan 10:31 13 May 2020

If you look at the number of deaths recently versus the same time last year, there have been an extra 50,000. This contrasts with the official 32,000 or so definitely assessed due to Coronavirus. Many who have died at home have multiple causes but it is clear that the official figures are grossly understated.

The cost of the furlough scheme is greater than the NHS Social Care combined, so an effort to get some folk back to work is understandable.

  Quickbeam 20:31 13 May 2020

Morddwyd, yes...

  Al94 08:50 14 May 2020

Here is a list of worldwide travel restrictions which is kept updated IATA UK stands out!

1]: [click here

  Quickbeam 05:15 16 May 2020

The implementation of the anti body test is something that will be key in getting society back to normal ASAP.

We now need to know who doesn’t need to be overly careful vs who does.

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