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Possible easing of restrictions from Monday?

  Clapton is God 10:03 07 May 2020

Today's papers and the BBC website are reporting that any possible easing of lockdown, to be announced on Sunday, may include allowing people to sunbathe in parks.

And for those of us with a brain who have no interest in sunbathing in parks or anywhere else for that matter, what little nugget will we be offered?

  john bunyan 22:36 11 May 2020


I’m in Hampshire on the way towards Southampton from Portsmouth. It’s a small One Stop with a little field opposite. The travellers are about 8 vans and lorries are (with mobile no only) purporting to be tree surgeons. At this time of the year in the past “travellers” have clustered in various locations for the Wickhsm gathering. Regrettably this has sometimes coincided with thefts from outhouses etc of garden machinery , bicycles etc

  QuizMan 22:47 11 May 2020

JB - must be more than one group then. I had heard about travellers just arrived in Yapton which is about 15 miles west of me - I'm near Littlehampton.

  wee eddie 22:57 11 May 2020

QuizMan: The thing about Statistics is that they bundle all participants within any given specification.

The fact is that, the Over Seventies are more likely to die of COVID-19 than say, 40 year olds. Their immune systems are weaker.

Statistically speaking: More 18 year olds are likely to have Car Crashes than 70year olds, their judgement is not as well developed.

Some 18 year olds are more sensible than others. Some 70 year olds are fitter than others.

  QuizMan 09:46 12 May 2020

wee eddie: Agreed about the over 70's, but where I have difficulty accepting lockdown (although I implement it) as a 70 year old white athlete with a BMI of 21 am I more at risk than, say, a 50 year old BAME obese couch potato? And I still do not know if I am OVER 70!

  Pine Man 10:44 12 May 2020

There are, effectively, no restrictions on 70 year olds and over unless you have been notified by the NHS that you are VULNERABLE due to health conditions when you should isolate.

  wee eddie 10:48 12 May 2020

To be "Over 70", you'll need to wait until your 71st birthday.

On the other hand, it could be argued that you are "Over 70" on the day after your 70th birthday

  Pine Man 11:40 12 May 2020

Taken from the DVLA Web site in relation to driving licences but probably a good guide:-

If you’re over 70 and want to keep on driving, you’ll have to renew your driving licence. and then, by further explanation, 'Once you reach the age of 70, your licence expires

But it doesn't matter because there are no restrictions based on age specifically for those who are 70 or over 70 years old.

  Forum Editor 13:55 12 May 2020

"....where I have difficulty accepting lockdown (although I implement it) as a 70 year old white athlete with a BMI of 21 am I more at risk than, say, a 50 year old BAME obese couch potato?"

You may or may not be, but with around 9 million people over the age of 70 the government can hardly start taking each person's personal situation into account - a line has to be drawn, and it has been drawn in the right place.

If you are in your 60s you are far less likely to suffer serious consequences from a COVID infection - 3.6% of those people will die. Once you enter your 70s however, that figure rises steeply - to 8%.

No matter how fit you may think you are, your immune system is not as effective as it used to be. You are more more vulnerable to infectious diseases in general and more likely to succumb to respiratory diseases, kidney disease, and diabetes - all of which will reduce your ability to fight viral infections.

There are exceptions to every rule, but in this scenario you are probably as vulnerable as many other elderly people - despite your feeling of fitness.

  Pablo de Catio 19:02 12 May 2020


I bet that cheered you up no end ;-)

  Al94 20:42 12 May 2020

A very thought provoking read end locjdown soon

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