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Possible easing of restrictions from Monday?

  Clapton is God 10:03 07 May 2020

Today's papers and the BBC website are reporting that any possible easing of lockdown, to be announced on Sunday, may include allowing people to sunbathe in parks.

And for those of us with a brain who have no interest in sunbathing in parks or anywhere else for that matter, what little nugget will we be offered?

  Condom 12:39 08 May 2020

The problem with allowing more people to get the virus to "get immunity" is that there is absolutely no medical proof as yet that having the virus gives you immunity from catching it again.

  Forum Editor 16:11 08 May 2020

"there is absolutely no medical proof as yet that having the virus gives you immunity from catching it again."

No, there isn't, but on 24th April the World Health Organisation said that it expects there to be some level of immunity.

Our immune systems provide us with a dual level of protection. Its first response is always primed to take action against anything it identifies as an invader. It releases chemicals which cause inflammation, and white blood cells which can destroy infected body cells. It is an effective front line defence but it does not have a learning ability - it cannot create antibodies. That system is called the innate response.

To make antibodies your immune system uses its adaptive immune response. This has special cells which produce targeted antibodies that can bind to the virus and stop it in its tracks. It also has T cells which seek out and destroy only those cells which are infected with the virus. This response takes longer to get going - around ten days before it can produce antibodies, and of course during that period you can become re-infected.

Generally speaking, the more ill you are, the stronger your adaptive immune response will be. A strong response will result in a 'memory' effect which will protect you for longer. Those people - and it is thought there are large numbers of them - who have had a mild infection, with few symptoms are less likely to have a lasting level of immunity.

  john bunyan 07:12 09 May 2020

I think I’ll make a visit to Ambridge as Borsetshire seems to be free of Coronavirus. Aitchbee- see you there?

  morddwyd 09:31 09 May 2020

Only in England.

The R number is still a bit High in Scotland.

Must admit I breached the regulations, for the only time, on Wednesday.

I had to pick up a prescription and it was such a nice day I came back via the common and the burn.

I had my bag of pills as an excuse, bur the local coppers know the shortest way back from the chemist as well as I do!

  Aitchbee 11:54 09 May 2020

It's a date. C U behind the poly tunnels at 10am tomorrow on Radio4. I'll be wearing a dish towel on my kipper.

  john bunyan 12:17 09 May 2020

Do “Travellers “ not have to obey the law? A group have arrived in a small public field opposite our local One Stop, I am told. They show no signs of social distancing and some rubbish is accumulating, Sorry for them as one may be, the police etc seem to avoid enforcing the law with these people. Due to previous experience I’ll double lock my shed.....

  Pine Man 13:03 09 May 2020

Do “Travellers “ not have to obey the law? Never

Sorry for them as one may be Never

  MPN1A 18:17 10 May 2020

Good dog, Fido.

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  QuizMan 21:40 11 May 2020

JB - you're not in West Sussex are you? I heard on local radio about travellers arriving there. I am not too far from there myself; just a few miles east along the coast.

  QuizMan 21:45 11 May 2020

One thing that I cannot find anywhere is the definition of over 70. I joined the big seven zero at the weekend. Does that make me over 70 or 70 and over? There is a difference, I think. That was a bit tongue in cheek, but it does intrigue me. From what I heard in Parliament today, none of so-called loosening is going to apply to the older generation. I'll read it properly in tomorrow's papers hopefully.

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