Portsmouth pub landlady wins her case at the ECJ

  TopCat® 14:41 04 Oct 2011

From the article: "The ECJ now says national laws which prohibit the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards are contrary to the freedom to provide services.

The decision could trigger a major shake-up for the Premier League and its current exclusive agreements with Sky Sports and ESPN, and pave the way to cheaper viewing of foreign broadcasts for fans of top-flight English games..."

I'll say! This ruling will see the biggest shake-up in televised sport in years. I only hope the viewer/consumer wins out in the end. TC.

Full story here

  morddwyd 15:19 04 Oct 2011

I'm not sure how this does not involve intellectual property rights.

The clubs put on a show and sell it through the Premier League, just as a film company puts on a show and sells it through a distributor.

What's the difference between pirated film DVDs and pirated football shows?

Will it apply to all sports?

Will any company now be allowed to show the Olympics?

If so, what were the original bidders bidding for?

  wiz-king 15:21 04 Oct 2011

Good - Sky charge an extortionate amount for clubs etc, the football club I drink in was quoted £5000 for Sky. With an average of 10-20 members on any one night it was not worth getting.

  TopCat® 16:38 04 Oct 2011

morddwyd raises some interesting questions that will have to be answered by the regulators, if this ruling is upheld.

Obviously there will be an appeal by the concerned parties, so I guess the euphoric feelings currently held, I suspect, by many are somewhat premature for the time being. TC.

  interzone55 17:11 04 Oct 2011


I'm not sure how this does not involve intellectual property rights.

The actual match footage is not copyrighted, and this is exactly as it should be, or we'd get into the stupid situation like they have in the States where you can be arrested for taking a photograph during a major league baseball game (this never happens, but it is technically illegal to reproduce even a still image of a game without permission).

Any pre-recorded footage, pre- & post-match interviews are copyrighted by Sky in the UK though, so if the foreign broadcasts being picked up are simply illegally re-broadcasted SKY productions then SKY can take action, but if a pub chooses to take a legal foreign broadcast of a Premier League match then they should now be free to do so...

  birdface 20:28 04 Oct 2011

I think what the problem is it is cheaper to watch sport in Greece and all the Landlady was doing was paying the same price as they pay in Greece and not the price that they have to pay in the Uk.

That's the way I see it and I can see nothing wrong with it.

I listened to some Director of a UK club whinging that they need the money they get from the likes of SKY to survive.

Maybe if they paid the players a decent wage and not the ridicules amounts that they get we could all watch the sport at a reasonable price.

  wee eddie 20:39 04 Oct 2011

Too good a chance to miss.

Is this Murphy's Law in operation yet?

  QuizMan 22:36 04 Oct 2011

It is not really good news. Not yet, anyway. All it allows her to do is watch the feed from Greece on her own TV. It does not, so far as I understand it, extend to allowing her to broadcast it to her customers.

It's all academic anyway. As sure as eggs is eggs, when the Premier League rights come up for renewal in less than 2 years, their lawyers will have this tied up so tight there will be no wriggle room whatsoever.

  sunnystaines 10:20 05 Oct 2011

just back from paphos every bar had ex large screens on max volume showing non stop football from the UK,they are obsessed with it over there. hope uk does not get that bad.

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