Portable TV's: The End?

  babybell 10:15 15 Jun 2010

I was sat thinking to myself the other day on how I could best watch the World Cup whilst at work, then it hit me, a little portable TV! I could sit outside in the sun, eat my lunch and watch a bit of football. Plus, when we go camping, it could provide a break from cards when the rain pours!

Anyway, trawled through Ebay last Friday and found one for £20, described as new. Perfect I thought, 2.5" screen, should be ok for what I need it for.

It arrived yesterday, and despite trying everything, I could not get a picture on the thing. At work, at home, with new batteries, on a mains plug, nothing.

Slightly angry, I contacted the seller today and he/she responded saying I could have a full refund, etc etc, which was nice.

He then said something that had completely escaped me in this whole process. "As for the product not working, this could be as you live in an area that has already switched over the digital and therefore the TV would not work"

Ahh. That would be the problem then. So it looks like I'm very lucky to get a refund as its my own fault for buying a TV that I should have known wouldn't work, although I think its a bit sneaky selling them when they know they won't work soon.

Got me thinking though, surely this must spell the end for the little old Portable TV?

  jack 10:32 15 Jun 2010

I never did see the point of those toys in the first place.
Your lappie with a digi dongle would be a better bot would it not?

click here
bit more than £20 I suppose though

  babybell 10:53 15 Jun 2010

with a dongle on my desk, and even with 3G reception, its not good enough to watch a game on, its very jerky and buffers every 5 or 6 seconds.

  dagbladet 10:59 15 Jun 2010

One of these any good?

click here

  Al94 11:01 15 Jun 2010

They work but need to be connected to a good aerial in most areas which renders them fairly pointless imho.

  Al94 11:04 15 Jun 2010

Here's a good alternative if you have a reasonable connection click here

  babybell 11:05 15 Jun 2010

No, ceratinly wouldn't be able to sit outside on the grass with one of those, I'd have to trail an aerial lead along with me.

I've just seen something on Ebay, a portable Digital TV, with built in Freeview, screen size 3.5 inches, so that would work. Problem is they start around the £70 mark and I don't want to watch the football that badly!

  Quickbeam 11:13 15 Jun 2010

For not a lot more than £70 you can get a 14/16" LCD TV, which will be as compact as the old portable CRTs, and will also be a good bedroom TV afterwards.

A 3.5" screen will just screw your eyes up trying to watch it unless you have 20/20 vision, and you'll never use it again.

  babybell 11:17 15 Jun 2010

Its an emerging technology so it's going to be stuipdly expensive to begin with I suppose.

Oh well, Radio 5live through the phone will have to do for now I suppose!

  john bunyan 12:50 15 Jun 2010

This looks a possibility:

click here

  Forum Editor 19:04 15 Jun 2010

on a laptop dongle to make it a worthwhile option for watching football. The buffering will result in that jerky viewing experience you mentioned.

There are various small, portable LCD Digital TVs available, ranging in price from around £70 right up to £600, and with screen sizes from 3.5" to 11".

As with lots of other things, you get what you pay for, and the cheaper models tend to be less tha satisfactory performers. You'll need to pay around £150 for anything worthwhile in my opinion.

Remember that any portable TV depends on a decent signal at the viewing location, and if that's not available it doesn't matter how much you pay, you won't get a good picture.

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