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Pop Up Ads make this site a waste of time

  karlswilcox 10:28 07 Sep 2018

Is it just me or does anybody else find this site almost unusable due to the crazy amount of pop up ads?! It's a shame as there is a wealth of great information here but it is being smothered by the advertising to the point of being unusable. Tech Advisor I think you have over done the ads at the cost of the people you are trying to attract to read them.

  iscanut 11:37 12 Sep 2018

Have just run a test with ad blockers and got following results ...

Adblock Plus blocked 20 ads on this page Ghostery 21 Malwarebytes 24 Kspersky 3

So they do work..If you don't want ads, try one of these.

  HondaMan 21:04 12 Sep 2018

I'm using AB+; Ghostery and Ublock and STILL some of the little bu**s get through!

  martd7 22:03 12 Sep 2018

Ublock origin 30 ads blocked but some still visible,so i click on some,i dont want this site to disappear

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