Poor People in Posh Areas

  wids001 14:41 04 Nov 2010

Interesting comment on the minimum wage & housing benefit ...

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How do you get the employed off housing benefit?

Up the minimum wage or bring in a 2-tiered system of a national minimum wage and a national living wage ......

  jakimo 15:35 04 Nov 2010

A lot of these properties in what was once regarded as London's not so desirable areas,has now,due to the rising affluence of the city,and the shortage of housing become expensive postal addresses,commanding artificially inflated rents.

yet the flats in the photo could hardly be described as well presented family living accommodation with pleasant views, if London is to retain its working force,a solution will have to be found or the city services will suffer.

  egapup 16:13 04 Nov 2010

It's hardly the fault of the people who need housing benefit, if they hadnt stopped building council houses and sold off the ones they had, there would be plenty of cheap rented houses for the people who need them.

  ventanas 16:38 04 Nov 2010

What a load of rubbish, if people can't afford to live where thay are then move, like I did, from Essex to Yorkshire where at the time I could afford the property prices. Council houses were a scourge, financed entirely by those who didn't want one. Good riddance to them. Why should there be cheap accommodation? There is a going rate in any given area. If you can't pay it go somewhere else. As for the ideal solution to housing benefit, abolish it, along with the rest of the vile welfare state.

  egapup 19:08 04 Nov 2010

Nice bloke.

  sidecar sid 19:26 04 Nov 2010

Is the view from your high horse a nice one?

  lotvic 19:28 04 Nov 2010

Aye, not a Yorkshire lad, just a commerin taking advantage of us and expecting us to adapt to his ways.... (Hmmmmm that has a familiar ring to it - where have I heard similar said?)

  jack 20:00 04 Nov 2010

Is to carry out the tasks demanded of the posh folk.
Now that may sound a bit high handed but consider.

An area of high cost accommodation still wants servicing at all levels- usually by low[er] paid workers.
They have to live within easy access of their work.
This is no new phenomenon - When I and my young family could not afford housing near the centre of London[Fleet St.]55 years ago this is.
We had to move out to a developing area with cheaper accommodation- But the price differential was largely eaten up with the cost of getting and from work and the extra time required to commute.
Any urban area to be successful has to have a mix of businesses and high and low cost accommodation.
It is a natural happening ,as soon as an organism gets to a critical size - it will collapse.

  gardener 22:54 04 Nov 2010

'Vile welfare state'. What a ridiculous statement.

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