Poor old Bill Gates

  drew645 12:22 02 Mar 2005

Against my better judgment I'm starting to sympathise with Bill Gates.
Windows is criticized for lack of security features but now he's beginning to fix that he gets abused for elbowing out suppliers of antispyware and other software.
Apparently in the future Windows will include anti-virus and secure delete functions. No doubt this will cause complaints from suppliers.
As the Windows firewall and antispyware is currently inferior to free alternatives discerning users will continue to look elsewhere. However the Windows versions will do the job for newbies who won't be fully informed about the dangers on the net.
Seems reasonable to me.

  Curio 14:39 02 Mar 2005

He just wants everybodys eggs in one basket his!

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:01 02 Mar 2005

But could anyone here write a better OS than Windows XP, that would be compatible with almost any conceivable hardware and software combination?

  herc182 19:57 02 Mar 2005

anyone can say what you will of Boll gates but:

1 - if it wasnt him it would be someone else
2 - where would the world be without windows?
3 - although he makes a shed load of money, he donates a huge amount (no matter what percentage of his salary it is) to charity (last i read he donated £750m to a vaccination programme for children). That money (and more) is doing a lot for the world as well.

so in short admire and respect a guy who has standardised computer operations across the globe and contributes vast amounts of cash to needy causes

  Newuser38 20:12 02 Mar 2005

'Sir' Bill Gates from today. He's been to see the Queen at the Palace so it said on the news.

  stalion 21:36 02 Mar 2005

good luck once again to Sir Bill Gates

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:39 02 Mar 2005

I don't think anyone can ever say he is poor.

I wouldn't care of any naggs or complaints or insults if i had the money he has.

  zarobian 21:45 02 Mar 2005

Well done Bill Gate. We are to-day taping our keyboards because of you. Many thanks to you SIR Gate.

  wiz-king 06:12 03 Mar 2005

Nice to see that the man who gives us all blue screens cant even open the presentation box - no keyboard! I think the palace could have given him his insignia in a blue box.

  igk 16:15 03 Mar 2005

I wonder if the Queen even knew what he did???

  Charence 18:19 03 Mar 2005

Ok, Windows Firewall isn't the best out there but as you say very useful to newbies! I wonder if people actually dislike Microsoft because of its products? or the money they're getting? Envy?

If you really don't like MS - look at what Linux has, you'll soon been tearing your hair out and if Mac is any better, I suppose you'd better start saving because that costs EVEN MORE! Or you could always write your own OS couldn't you?

At least 'Bill Gates' is making the effort to please his consumers by providing updates and extra protection to their products. Would you rather them maybe ignore after sales unless you phone their hotline?

I think he fully deserves all he gets if not more!

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