Poll: Will the updates and changes in Windows 8.1 persuade you to upgrade?

  PC Advisor 12:38 19 Nov 2013

Will the updates and changes in Windows 8.1 persuade you to upgrade?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: Will the updates and changes in Windows 8.1 persuade you to upgrade?



  wee eddie 13:19 19 Nov 2013

Until Microsoft produce an interface, that does not expect me to touch and dirty, my Monitor's screen, which is slightly more than arm's length away, I shall not upgrade.

The fact that there are "Fixes" that can change my Desktop are totally irrelevant. It is Microsoft's job to provide the correct interface without my having to fiddle with it.

It's like deciding to buying a car. If all they can offer me is a 'Left Hand Drive' one and then expect to procure a 'Kit' that will change it to 'Right Hand Drive'. They can whistle

  Quickbeam 13:28 19 Nov 2013

I just have anyway.

  cream. 13:28 19 Nov 2013

"Will the updates and changes in Windows 8.1 persuade you to upgrade?"

Short answer is no.

I upgraded this laptop from Vista to windows 7 pro because Vista, to me, was awful. I am more than happy with 7, it does exactly what I want.Although this laptop is coming around to 6 years old it is as good as the day I upgraded it. If it fails and I have to buy new, I would format the drive and put this version of 7 on it.

  Quickbeam 13:28 19 Nov 2013

...never been one to turn a free lunch down.

  Quickbeam 13:33 19 Nov 2013

It's worth it to be able to boot directly to the start screen if you don't have a touchy feely thingy screen:)

  Woolwell 14:08 19 Nov 2013

Will I upgrade my W7 desktop - No. There are no great advantages of W8 or W8.1 to make me change. The faster boot time is good.

I had a W8 laptop it is now upgraded to W8.1. No major change but the option to power down from the desktop and directly boot to desktop is nice.

I haven't entered the survey as none of the question seem to directly apply to me.

It can be argued that with touchscreen laptops, mobile devices that MS have provided the right interface. You don't have to touch and dirty the screen to use W8. Although my laptop has a touch screen I don't always use it. The touchpad is better some times and sometimes an attached mouse even better. As I have posted in another thread touch is the way ahead. You should see very young children using touch screens. They find it much more natural than a mouse.

  diesel 14:48 19 Nov 2013

I have just given away my windows pc and purchased an iMac.I think that just about sums it up for me!!

  wee eddie 15:23 19 Nov 2013

Woolwell: I beg to differ.

Touch is not necessarily the way ahead ~~~~~~~~ but it is (relatively) new.

The real way ahead is multi-option, but primarily voice control using touch/mouse/keyboard in parallel.

My point is: Why do the touch points have to be larger than a fingertip. A 10mm circle would be quite sufficient. Apart from the crass naming of it, what was wrong with the 'Start' Button?

I don't want an Interface that looks like a Child's Play Box and I certainly don't want obligatory scrolling News/Weather/Facebook/Twitter all over my home screen.

I am not a "Consumer" of Entertainment and 'pray god' never will be.

Maybe someone from Microsoft reads these postings and will take on board that a Desktop is not a toy and will need to be replaced in time. The replacement will get the Operating System that fills the environment that it lives in. If they have to design a Windows DT, so be it. Many billions of users will buy it when they eventually replace their Desktop

  Forum Editor 16:11 19 Nov 2013

I'm enjoying using the 8.1 version.

I don't like touch screens as far as a desktop environment goes (a tablet is a different matter),but I can use Windows 8 perfectly well with a mouse. Admittedly it required all of 30 minutes for a first time 'fiddle' to get things the way I wanted them, but that done, I haven't looked back.

Perhaps it's because I adopted a positive attitude, rather than a prejudiced one? The world changes, and I think the way forward is to try to change with it. If we all stood back, waiting for perfection, we would still be using a DOS screen.

  Quickbeam 16:13 19 Nov 2013

I quite agree.

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