Poll: Which smartphone would you have if price wasn't an issue?

  PC Advisor 16:23 15 Mar 2013
  chub_tor 16:46 15 Mar 2013

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the one I would choose

  Nontek 16:59 15 Mar 2013

As per chub_tor. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  carver 17:25 15 Mar 2013

Same Samsung S3 and next one is S4

  wiz-king 17:42 15 Mar 2013

Dont want one.

  Woolwell 18:03 15 Mar 2013

Samsung may make some good phones but to link to the PC then you have to use Kies and that is poor. You can have endless problems syncing contacts and calendar with Outlook. It's ok if you use Google mail contacts and Google calendar but exchanging data between Outlook and Google can be awkward especially now Google Calendar Sync has been withdrawn. By comparison the iPhone works seamlessly with Outlook and has a great array of apps with little risk of virus or malware. It also seems better built. Phone reviews never compare ease of PC sync.

  Woolwell 18:03 15 Mar 2013

Ps where's the link to the poll?

  Forum Editor 19:09 15 Mar 2013

Where's the link to the poll?

Sorry about that - here it is.

  Al94 19:15 15 Mar 2013

Woolwell, I still use Google Calendar Sync with Outlook all the time - what makes you think it was withdrawn?

  Woolwell 19:26 15 Mar 2013

You can continue to use it if you already have it but you cannot download it. It is still around for business, paying customers. See Google Sync end of life

  morddwyd 19:41 15 Mar 2013

I already have the one I want, a Galaxy Note.

The screens are too small on the others.

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