Poll - what do you think of Microsoft's 'Slate PC' form factor?

  PC Advisor 09:24 15 Jan 2010

At his recent CES keynote Microsoft's Steve Ballmer was keen to promote the 'Slate PC' form factor - dual-screen portables with detachable tablets. What do you think, is this a revolutionary (or evolutionary) step forward in the form factor of the PC? Or hype and hot air from a company with nothing left to say?

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  bremner 10:09 15 Jan 2010

"Big stage, lots of hype, little substance".

A few years ago we bought a few tablet PC's. Everyone wanted to try them out. Without exception their interested lasted no longer than a couple of days. Within a few weeks they were on a shelf in the cupboard where they probably still are.

It will be a very much wait and see how they develop before we jump into the market for one.

  Hercule Marple 10:26 15 Jan 2010

I'm strictly a desktop PC user. I have no need of a portable PC, and I think desktop PCs offer much better value for money component-wise.

  Woolwell 10:48 15 Jan 2010

How portable will these devices actually be? Detachable tablets - how often will they be detached? Just wait until someone drops one or loses one (left behind on a train).

  cream. 11:18 15 Jan 2010

conjures up an image of a victorian school kids chalk and slate updated to the 21st century. What size will the screens be on this new idea, simmilar to a nitendo DS or the size of the new popular netbooks but with 2 touch screens and no physicaql keyboard.

As we own both laptops and netbooks with removable storage ( memory cards ). What benefit will the new devices have over the current stable of ighly portable computers. Will it be mainly buisiness use or will it be orientated for both home and business use. My netbook does all I need when on the go, even the 12.1" laptop is not to combersome to lug around. Untill we get more info I can't see it being a raging success.

I voted
No. Despite the hype I'm still not really sure what a Slate PC is.

  cream. 11:19 15 Jan 2010

spull chucker before I past.:-(

  canarieslover 14:08 15 Jan 2010

Seems to me to be more of a solution looking for a problem. There will probably be a market amongst the 'must haves' but no doubt it will soon join a lot of their other toys, either in the back of the cupboard or on e-bay.

  Matt Egan 15:02 15 Jan 2010

Yeah, the dual-screen thing is great in principle but, as you say, what happens if you lose one?

For me the interesting thing is that often you go to a show like CES, CeBit and you see loads of exciting weird and wonderful gadgets, that are there to get headlines, and will never be seen again. But the PC vendors really believe that these dual screen portables with a detachable tablet are going to sell in volume.

Thing is: I'd like one, but I'm not sure what for!

  Forum Editor 18:43 15 Jan 2010

that in two years time the term 'Slate PC' will be but a memory for most people. I have no need of one, and no desire for one.

The Holy Grail in terms of computing - at least for me - is a device that is small enough to slip into a coat pocket, has a qwerty keyboard and high-quality display, runs a cut down version of Windows and MS Office, is wireless internet capable, has LAN and USB connectors, reasonable storage capacity with added card slot, a fast processor and sufficient RAM, and a very high build quality.

Something like one of these click here but with all the latest technologies would be just great.

I'll pay up to £300 for such a device - why on earth can't someone make one?

  morddwyd 20:29 15 Jan 2010

Before I even clicked on your link I thought "He means something like the Psion"!

I used one (or several, through all the incarnations) for years.

Imagine what they would be like now with a colour screen, micro sd and wifi!

  powerless 21:42 15 Jan 2010

Ask again on Jan 27th...

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